Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Book Haul & Wrap-Up + Life Updates!

Hello, everybody! Well, it's been a while, to say the least. Sorry for kind of going MIA for a little while there, not posting a single thing for almost a month. I've been quite busy with work as the summer season is upon us and a few other things going on in my life which I'll get into a bit later in this post. For now, let's get to the more interesting stuff.


I didn't buy nearly as many books this month as I did in my last book haul, which I take as a very good thing since last month was probably my biggest book haul to date. Here are all the books, CDs, songs, etc. that I obtained in the month of May! Enjoy!





Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang - Half Price Books - $3
The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine - Half Price Books - $5.99
Trafficked by Kim Purcell - Library - $1



Image result for oh are you late too bts

Changed by Rascal Flatts - Thrift Shop - $0.50
Nothing Like This by Rascal Flatts - Thrift Shop - $0.50
Still Feels Good by Rascal Flatts - Thrift Shop - $0.50
Unstoppable by Rascal Flatts - Thrift Shop - $0.50
My December by Kelly Clarkson - Thrift Shop - $0.50
Own The Night by Lady Antebellum - Thrift Shop - $0.50
24K Magic by Bruno Mars - Target - $11.49
Square Two by BLACKPINK - Google Play - $3.99
Laugh, Laugh, Laugh by GOT7 - Amazon - $6
O!RUL82? by BTS - Amazon - $16
Love Train by GOT7- Amazon - $9


Oh Na Na by K.A.R.D - Google Play - $1.29
Break A Little by Kirstin™ - Google Play - $1.29
Ghost by Ellie Drennan - Google Play - $1.29



I hope you guys enjoyed my book haul for the month! I know I've been a very bad book blogger (THE SHAME IS REAL) but I'm trying my best to try to be more active on my own blog as well as on Of Wonderland which I'm hard at work planning out posts for. One of which is going to take me a few days to get together and I'm SO EXCITED about it. 

Anyhoo, I've also been getting refreshed for the summer by chopping off my hair into a bob, dying it purple, getting new summer clothes and shoes as well as working some extra hours at work. I've also been working on some new artwork for my Wreck This Journal and I'm having tons of fun with it so far. If you want to check out my completed pages, click here to view my art Instagram as I'll be posting all of my completed pages on there as I do them. I've been really uninspired lately so I thought doing a Wreck This Journal would be a good way to get me back into painting.

That's about for any interesting life updates I have for you all. I really hope you all have an awesome Summer and do some relaxing this season. Read on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

P.S. I also changed the design of the blog. How do you like it? ;)

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  1. Yay for purple hair (join the club!) and new summer clothes! And I can imagine how hard it must be to be spreading yourself across two blogs... don't worry, we understand over here! Also, so many new albums DD: <3 I hope you love them all! I have read The Outsiders and I love it so much. I hope you enjoyed it too. Oh, and as for new books, I hope you enjoy Such a Good Girl, and the new Kitty Hawk ones! I am going to go read your review of Internet Famous ^.^