Review Policy/Contact

1. Genres
I am currently accepting books (YA,  Children's) at this time in the following genres:
•Fairytale/Myth retelling

I do NOT accept books of these genres:
•Memoirs or Modern biographies

Depending on the biography and who it's about, I will consider making an exception based on my personal interest. An exception is not guaranteed.

Accepting Books:
 If I accept a book for review, I will try my best to post a review within 1-4 weeks of receiving the book. I'm not always able to review a book in the allotted time as I'm also busy with other things so I require your patience.

I also write honest reviews so there is no guarantee that every review will be positive, with all due respect to the author, publishing etc. My reviews are my opinion and my reviews will reflect that.

I write what I liked about the book, and what I didn't like in a respectful manner. I DO NOT write negative or nasty commentary about the authors.

Review Structure:
All reviews include the following:
•Cover Art
•Book stats: Title, author, publisher, page count, release date, series status, rating (G, PG, PG-13 etc).
•My review: pros and cons
•Star rating
•Author Contact Info/Social Media

Star Rating:
★★★★★= I love this book!
★★★★= I really enjoyed this book!
★★★= I liked this book overall
★★= I found a significant number of things I did not like about this book.
★= I didn't like this book at all.

All books are rated according to their genre. Half scores are also used.

2. Book Format
I accept books in these formats:

PLEASE NOTE: If the book is a part of a series or trilogy, I may request any previous books in the series or trilogy.

3. Publishing
I accept self-published/indie books but mainly read books that have been published by mainstream publishers.

 4. Contact
If there are any questions about anything listed above, please feel free to contact me by email:

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  1. Would like a review for Topaz and the Green Fairies, an adventure fantasy for ages 9-12 and up. Mature nature of the book: Determined to find help to rescue his folk from their fast-eroding, storm torn island, Bozel, a young Green Fairy, sails down river in the only boat that wasn't lost in the last major storm. Unable to control the unfamiliar world around him, he soon learns how quickly things can go wrong. As a result, Bozel must experience the consequences of his actions. Hardship, indecision, and mortal danger are but a few of the challenges he faces during this life changing journey.
    Amazon Link:


  2. I have little money and am trying to publish my ebook. The more \I read and look into it the more confused I am. I often went into vista print and ordered my business cards why cn I not go in somewhere and make a cover then download my word file and have it fit into a nice book..I get excited when I see a publishing company that has a low price or even free but when I go in they have all these extra fees and I can not track what the cost will be. Can you help me through this maze for my first book ?

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble trying to publish your book! I understand that it must be pretty frustrating when things are so expensive these days. I would love to help you in any way I can but I don't see how I would be of much help. I'd be more than happy to help you out in any way I can though! Please feel free to email me about this at any time! I'll try my best to help.