GN= Graphic Novel
Albright, Emily- Everyday Magic (Untitled #2) + Playlist
Albright, Emily- The Heir and The Spare (Untitled #1)
Anderson, Jodi Lynn- The Vanishing Season
Anthony, Jessica & Corral, Rodrigo- Chopsticks
Archer, Jennifer- Through Her Eyes
Arnold, Shari- Kate Triumph
Aveyard, Victoria- Red Queen (Red Queen #1)

Beaufrand, M.J.- Useless Bay
Bischoff, Rebecca- The French Impressionist
Bowler, Tim- Storm Catchers
Bracken, Alexandra- The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds #1)
Brosgol, Vera- Anya's Ghost (GN)

Cabot, Meg- Airhead (Airhead #1)
Cannon, Chris- The Boyfriend Bet (Boyfriend Chronicles #2)
Cass, Kiera- The Crown (The Selection #5)
Cass, Kiera- The Heir (The Selection #4)
Cass, Kiera- The One (The Selection #3)
Cass, Kiera- The Selection (The Selection #1)
Carter, Ally- All Fall Down (Embassy Row #1)
Carter, Ally- Heist Society (Heist Society #1)
Carter, Amelia Louise- Love Of The Undefined
Chan, Queenie- The Dreaming (Vol. 1-3) (Manga)
Chapman, M. Erica- Teach Me To Forget
Chappell, Crissa-Jean- Snowbirds
Chara, Mina- Hero High: Figure In The Flames
Charles, Mitchell- The Kingdom of Oceana (The Kingdom of Oceana #1)
Chmakova, Svetlana- Awkward (GN)
Christopher, Lucy- Stolen
Cohn, Rachel & Levithan, David- Dash & Lily's Book Of Dares
Colella, William D.- Morph: Book 1
Collins, Dani- Not In Her Wildest Dreams (Secret Dreams #1)
Collins, Suzanne- Catching Fire (THG #2)
Collins, Suzanne- The Hunger Games (THG #1)
Comeaux, Jennifer- Gold Rush
Condie, Ally- Atlantia
Crossan, Sarah- One

Dahl, Roald- The BFG
Dark, Morgan- Zero + Playlist
Dashner, James- The Eye Of Minds (Eye Of Minds #1)
Dashner, James- The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner #1)
Dehghanpisheh, Corine- #BabyLove: My Toddler Life + Interview
Dessen, Sarah- Dreamland
Dessen, Sarah- The Moon and More
Dessen, Sarah- Saint Anything
Devlin, Ivy- Low Red Moon
Diamant, Anita- The Boston Girl
Diamond, Laura- Under My Skin
Drinen, Abby- Tenderfoot
Duff, Hilary- Elixir (Elixir #1)

Earley, Ashley- Alone In Paris
Ellison, Kate- The Butterfly Clues

Fine, Sarah- Of Metal and Wishes (Of Metal and Wishes #1)
Flint, Stephanie- Distant Horizon
Forman, Gayle- If I Stay (If I Stay #1)

Gallardo, Abel- The Dragon Sphere (Nation Of Dragons #1)
Garza, Michael W.- The Last Shadow Gate (The Shadow Gate Chronicles #1)
Gibbs, D.H.- Nika (A Seychatka Novella)
Green, John- Johnson, Maureen- Myracle, Lauren- Let It Snow
Green, John- Looking For Alaska
Green, John- Paper Towns
Green, John & Levithan, David- Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Greenwood, Arin- Save The Enemy

Hall, Sandy- A Little Something Different
Harkins, M.K.- The Reader
Harrison, Margot- The Killer In Me + Playlist
Han, Jenny- To All The Boys I've Loved Before (TATBILB #1)
Han, Jenny- P.S. I Still Love You (TATBILB #2)
Hand, Cynthia- The Last Time We Say Goodbye
Hanes, Tani- Living In The Shallows (UK Crush #1)
Harstad, Johan- 172 Hours On The Moon
Haston, Meg- Paperweight
Hawkins, Rachel- Rebel Belle (Rebel Belle #1)
Headley, Justina Chen- Girl, Overboard
Henry, April- Girl, Stolen
Hicks, Faith Erin- The Adventures Of Superhero Girl (GN)
Hicks, Faith Erin- Friends With Boys (GN)
Hido, Ryoji- Heroes Are Extinct Vol. 1 (Manga)
Honeybourn, Jennifer- Wesley James Ruined My Life
Hoover, Colleen- Confess
Hudson, Angela M.- Red: The Untold Story
Hunter, K.T.- Brooklynn's Bridge (Brooklynn's Bridge #1)


Johansson, J.R.- The Row
Johnson, Maureen- 13 Little Blue Envelopes (Little Blue Envelopes #1)

Kaleski, Katie- A Fabrication Of The Truth
Kamm, Joe- Self-Immolation
Kaye, Rainy- The Deepest Black
Kensie, Clara- Aftermath + Playlist
Keplinger, Kody- The DUFF (The DUFF #1)
Kidd, Richard- On Beale Street
Kincheloe, Jennifer- The Secret Life of Anna Blanc

Lee, Jonas- A Time To Reap (The Legend Of Carter Gabel #1)
Lesh, Margaret C.- My Friends Are All Strange
Lombardo, Rebecca- It's Not Your Journey
London, Kiara- Kiss Cam
Lowry, Lois- Gathering Blue (The Giver #2)
Lowry, Lois- The Giver (The Giver #1)
Lu, Marie- The Rose Society (The Young Elites #2)
Lu, Marie- The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1)
Lund, Anna Jakobsson- Article Three (Systemet #1)

Maas, Sarah J.- Throne Of Glass (Throne Of Glass #1)
Madina, Beck- A Fantastic Mess of Everything
Mafi, Taherah- Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1)
Maggert, Terry- Heartborn
Marestaing, Alex- Fifteen Seconds Of Normal
McMann, Lisa- Bang (Visions #2)
McMann, Lisa- Crash (Visions #1)
McMann, Lisa- Fade (Dream Catcher #2)
McMann, Lisa- Wake (Dream Catcher #1)
McNamara, Amy- Lovely, Dark and Deep
Mead, Richelle- Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1)
Meadows, Jodi- The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen #1)
Meyer, Marrisa- Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1)
Meyer, Marissa- Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3)
Meyer, Marissa- Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles #3.5)
Meyer, Marissa- Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2)
Meyer, Marissa- Stars Above
Meyer, Marissa- Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4)
Morgan, Kass- The 100 (The 100 #1)
Murphy, Monica- Just Friends

Ness, Patrick- The Knife Of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1)
Nixon, Joan Lowry- The Kidnapping Of Christina Lattimore
Noel, Alyson- Evermore (The Immortals #1)
North, Ryan & Erica Henderson- The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (Issue #1) (GN)
Novak, Ali- The Heartbreakers (The Heartbreakers #1)

Oakes, Colleen- Queen Of Hearts (Queen Of Hearts Saga #1)
Ockler, Sarah- Twenty Boy Summer
Oliver, Lauren- Vanishing Girls

Perkins, Stephanie- Anna and The French Kiss (AATFK #1)
Perkins, Stephanie- Lola and The Boy Next Door (AATFK #2)
Phillips, Jeremy- The Lost Eye of the Serpent
Prado, Justine- Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting Vol. #1 (GN)


Rayburn, Tricia- Siren (Siren #1)
Reading, Iain- Kitty Hawk and The Curse Of The Ukon Gold (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series Book 1) + Interview
Richards, Jame- Three Rivers Rising
Richardson, A.H.- Jorie and the Magic Stones (Jorie and the Magic Stones #1)
Riggs, Ransom- Hollow City (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #2)
Riggs, Ransom- Library Of Souls (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #3)
Riggs, Ransom- Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's #1)
Riordan, Rick- The Lightening Thief (Percy Jackson #1)
Roara, Susan B.- The Right Family (The Right Family #1)
Roberts, Jeyn- D4rk Inside (Dark Inside #1)
Roth, Veronica- Four (Divergent #0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4)
Rothman, Michael A.- Dispocalypse
Rowell, Rainbow- Eleanor and Park
Rowell, Rainbow- Fangirl
Roux, Madeleine- Asylum (Asylum #1)
Roux, Madeleine- Sanctum (Asylum #2)
Rudnick, Elizabeth- A Frozen Heart
Rutkoski, Marie- The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy #1)
Ryan, Jeanne- Nerve

Safronoff, Aaron- Sunborn Rising: Beneath The Fall (Sunborn Rising #1)
Secora, Sara- Agoraphobic: Inside Out
Serle, Rebecca- The Edge Of Falling
Shahabi, Teymour- The Secret Billionaire
Sharma, Annika- The Rearranged Life
Shusterman, Neal- Unwind (Unwind #1)
Simmons, Kristen- Article 5 (Article 5 #1)
Solstrand, Olaf Moriarty- Petrified
Stirling, Lindsey & Brooke S. Passey- The Only Pirate at the Party
Stone, Danika- Internet Famous
Stout, Katie M.- Hello, I Love You
Strasser, Todd- Famous

Tahir, Sabaa- An Ember In The Ashes
Tamaki, Jillian & Mariko- This One Summer (GN)
Taylor, Laini- Daughter Of Smoke and Bone (DOSAB #1)
Taylor, Laini- Days Of Blood and Starlight (DOSAB #2)
Tierney-Bedord, Holly- Right Under Your Nose
Trevayne, Emma- Gamescape: Overworld (The Nova Project #1) + Playlist
Turner, Sadie & Colette Freedman- Anomalies
Turrisi, Kim- Just A Normal Tuesday


Various Authors- A Pizza My Heart: An Anthology
Various Authors- Secret Identities (GN)
Varon, Sara- Robot Dreams (GN)

Wagman, Diana- Extraordinary October
Warga, Jasmine- My Heart and Other Black Holes
Weing, Drew- The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo (GN)
West, Charity- Worth Fighting For
West, Terry M.- The Night Things


Yancey, Rick- The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave #1)
Yardley, Cathy- Level Up (Fandom Hearts #1)
Yoon, Nicola- Everything, Everything
Yovanoff, Brenda- Paper Valentine

Zappia, Francesca- Made You Up
Zevin, Gabrielle- Memoirs Of A Teenage Amnesiac

Movie Reviews
Allegiant (Divergent #3)
The Fault In Our Stars
The Fifth Wave
The Giver
If I Stay
Insurgent (Divergent #2)
The Maze Runner (TMR #1)
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
The Scorch Trials (TMR #2)
Paper Towns

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