Monday, November 9, 2015

Review: Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Stolen by Lucy Christopher
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Contemporary, Thriller
Score: ❤❤❤❤❤
Page Count: 301
Stand Alone
Publisher: Chicken House Ltd
Published: May 9, 2009

It happened like this. I was stolen from an airport. Taken from everything I knew, everything I was used to. Taken to sand and heat, dirt and danger. And he expected me to love him.

This is my story.

A letter from nowhere. 

Sixteen year old Gemma is kidnapped from Bangkok airport and taken to the Australian Outback. This wild and desolate landscape becomes almost a character in the book, so vividly is it described. Ty, her captor, is no stereotype. He is young, fit and completely gorgeous. This new life in the wilderness has been years in the planning. He loves only her, wants only her. Under the hot glare of the Australian sun, cut off from the world outside, can the force of his love make Gemma love him back? 

The story takes the form of a letter, written by Gemma to Ty, reflecting on those strange and disturbing months in the outback. Months when the lines between love and obsession, and love and dependency, blur until they don't exist - almost.

1. I've been wanting to read this book for the longest time and was recommended time and again of this book and told just how amazing it is. So when I stumbled across a copy at my local bookstore, there was no way I was just going to walk away without the book in my hands. I finally got around to reading it so here's my review!

2. THE WRITING. Oh man, like what even?! I loved the writing style so much in this book for many reasons. One is just how unique and different it is since it's Gemma writing a letter to her captor. I loved how you felt so in tune with her story and even felt like you were part of the story yourself, experiencing all the things that Gemma was and following her on her journey back home and her fight to survive. It was beautifully written as well and the emotions that were felt were just so touching and meaningful. I loved everything about the writing style and thought it made such an interesting read.

3. I also really liked the characters. I liked Gemma's character because she was brave and had to figure out how to escape her captor and find a way back home alive. She's a fighter and was very strong in her situation. I also thought Ty was an interesting character to learn about, even though he kind of freaked me out at times. His story is very emotional and makes you connect with him on an emotional level. It was such a good time for me to get to know the characters and see what exactly made them tick and find out why Gemma was Ty's target for six years and even watch as Gemma starts to care for her captor. 

4. I really loved where the story went and how it played out from beginning to end. I loved that you get thrown into the story right on the first page, I mean with Gemma getting kidnapped on page five. There was no hesitation on that part and I really liked being able to follow the things that the characters did right off the bat and watch as Ty tries to get Gemma to understand him and to even love him. The story is just so intriguing and even though the cliffhanger ending kind of killed me, I still loved every second of it. It was a roller coaster ride for sure. It had me hooked so badly that I honestly couldn't put it down and when I had to, I blamed the world. I just wanted to read the whole thing and not do anything else.  

5. Overall, I NEED to see a movie for this book like now. I think it would make an awesome one! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a little something different while also being hooked into an intense adventure of a book. If you love thrillers, this is the book for you. 

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  1. It seems like you loved absolutely everything about this book! I haven't heard too much about this book at all really, but what I have heard about it has been good so far. I am looking forward to trying this one too.

    1. I really did, which is nice because it's been a while since I gave a book a five-star rating ;) I definitely say to give this a shot! I hope you end up loving it!