Sunday, November 15, 2015

Allegiant Trailer and Playlist!

OMG!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!

So if you couldn't already tell, I'm EXTREMELY excited for the new trailer for the third installment of the Divergent film series "Allegiant" and I might have watched it three times back to back when it was first released . . . I'm a fangirl. Don't judge me.

Now that you know that I have slight obsession with this trilogy, to celebrate my excitement for this trailer, I thought I would share with you guys a list of songs that remind me of these books and movies. And because, you know, it's Shailene Woodley's birthday today so it's perfect time to fangirl even more about this movie.


1. Cold Blooded by JoJo

2. Confident by Demi Lovato

3. Fire n' Gold by Bea Miller

4. Run by Eppic & Black Prez

5. Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence

6. Runaway by Charity Vance

7. Heroes by Alesso

8. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

9. Water by Pentatonix

10. Battleships by Daughtry

So are you as excited about this movie as me or not? Which of these tracks is your favorite? Tell me all of that in the comments! Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


  1. The only two songs I knew from this list were Heroes and Fight Song - both songs I love and really appreciate myself! I am off to listen to all the rest, but I am not sure about the trailer. I loved the first two movies, the second one especially and can only hope this will be just as good.

    1. Yay! Happy listening!! The trailer isn't the greatest, I'll agree with that but then again, I actually really loved the movies despite their changes so I'm still really excited about the movie :) Crossing my fingers for this one!