Saturday, July 5, 2014

Crash: Visions Book One by Lisa McMann

Crash: Visions Book One by Lisa McMann
Rating: PG-13
Score: 4 stars

Jules lives above her family's restaurant, smells like pizza all the time and is forced to drive the family's double-meatball shaped truck to school with her older brother Trey and their little sister Rowan. Not exactly the recipe for popularity but Jules can handle that. But what she can't handle is the vision. The vision she sees everywhere on billboards, screens, windows. Only a vision she can see and it makes her think she's going crazy. She sees a truck, crashing into a building and they both go up in flames, nine body bags lying in the snow. It hardly matters to her at first, but when the vision starts coming more frequently and revealing more clues, Jules knows she had to do something. Because now she can see one of the faces in the body bags. And it's someone she knows and has been in love with since she could remember. Will she be able to stop the vision from coming true? Because like it or not, she's the only one who can.

1. This sci-fi story is one that is very unique and also a very good read. I love the story for many reasons but one of them is because of the cool story line and the events that follow. It has a couple of really cool action scenes and keeps you interested with every word.

2. I love the characters in this book. They're funny and goof around with each other but are also serious and caring when they need to be. They also have their issues and secrets that are revealed that make you love them even more.

3. This book has a little bit of everything within the story. From a little romance and comedy to action and suspense. A little something for everybody I guess you could say.

1. The book is a short one, my copy being only 225 pages, so I felt like the language in this book was a bit too much for the story. It felt a little distracting and annoying and was just too much for the short chapters.

Age Recommendation: 13+

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