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Brooklynn's Bridge by K.T. Hunter

Brooklynn's Bridge by K.T. Hunter
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, YA Fiction
Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Page Count: 144
Book #1 of the Brooklynn's Bridge series
Publisher: Spectacle Publishing Media Group
Published: January 9, 2015
After her life is turned upside down through a serious of unfortunate events, sixteen-year-old Brooklynn is forced to move to Texas, where she and her family can start over. Plagued with the ability to read the thoughts of those around her and visions of the future, she must juggle adapting to her new high school and saving those she sees may be doomed to die. But after the incident back in Edmonds, Washington with Alex Pierce, Brooklynn is shaken about her ability and with only her grandmother, Karen, to understand her, she’s not sure whom she can trust—especially after meeting the mysterious and fearless January who seems to be the one person immune to her abilities. With a new school, new friends, and the conflicting feelings of a new crush, Brooklynn has a lot to manage… all while dealing with January’s impending threats of revenge. Filled with suspense, drama, and wit, Brooklynn’s Bridge will take readers through a spiraling mystery, as it follows Brooklynn and her secret abilities through the whirling world of high school and revenge… but will her powers and her new friends be enough to allow her escape January’s grasp with her life?
1. After being sent this book for review by the author herself, I was pretty excited to read this book since I'd been looking for more of a fantasy read and since this book deals with psychic abilities, it counted as one in my book. Keep reading for the review!
2. I really loved the characters in this book from our "evil villain" to our main character, Brooklynn. I really liked Brooklynn's character because I felt she was relatable. Seeing as she was the new girl in school, fell into the wrong crowd of friends and had to deal with being different, I definitely felt like myself and Brooklynn had an understanding on certain levels and I thought that others could see eye to eye as well. I liked that she was quiet and nice but also tended to shut people out due to her struggle with her unique ability.
3. I really liked the storyline in this book. I liked how at first, things in Brooklynn's life didn't seem to be related at all with each other, such as her run in with Alex Pierce and even January's anger and hate towards Brooklynn but later seemed to all weave together with other things that were happening in the story and blended well into a few surprising conclusions. It had an air of mystery throughout the whole story and I really enjoyed that.
4. Lastly, I enjoyed the author's writing. Everything from the characters to the plot, climax and everything in between was well written and fleshed out and beautifully developed. I loved the mystery and suspense, romance and even the touch of comedy in this book. 
1. The only thing I didn't enjoy that much about this book was that at first, the story didn't seem to have any real plot which is understandable since there had to be some world building and character development first before diving into the rest of the book. Everything did fall into place, however, as the story progressed.
Age Recommendation: 13+
I hope you guys enjoyed this book review! If you have any other book requests you would like me to review, just leave a comment or send me an email! Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

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