Friday, February 20, 2015

The DUFF Movie Review

Rating: PG-13
I was originally invited to an early screening of the movie in the beginning of February but because of a terrifyingly large TBR, I hadn't yet read the book so I didn't attend. That was my fault. I have two different opinions about this movie, one from a movie stand point and a book adaptation review. Below you can get my thoughts on both!
The first thing I really liked about the movie is the casting. I really thought all the characters were brought to life by the brilliant actors and actresses. I really loved Mae Whitman aka Bianca Piper in this movie! I'm a big fan of the actress and I thought she really delivered in bringing Bianca alive with her quirky and sarcastic performance. She really gave the character a personality that I thought was lacking a bit in the book.
Another thing I loved about the movie was that the movie focused mainly on Bianca trying to define who she was and focused less on the sexual elements the book contained. Of course the movie didn't include ANY intimate scenes from the book, which is understandable since the movie is a teen movie and the makers of the movie didn't exactly want to gather a 50 Shades Of Grey vibe.
The movie was also hilarious and sweet and romantic and overall enjoyable and a movie that's perfect for a girl's night out or just a great movie to see on the weekend. Now while I enjoyed the movie a bit more than the actual book (a true SHOCKER) I still took note on how many things were changed in the movie:
1. Westley and Bianca were projected as distant childhood friends and not-so mortal enemies.  
I actually liked their movie relationship better than the one in the book. I just personally felt that it made the chemistry between them a little sweeter and more romantic.
2. Bianca's parents have already divorced and she lives with her mother.
I have mixed feelings about this change. I liked in the book how Bianca's dad hit a rough spot and really delivered on projecting her life as nothing near perfect. I did enjoy seeing Bianca living with her mother and how good their relationship was however. I thought the change was a tad unnecessary but again, understandable. It made the film more focused on the bullying portion of the story.
3. Different events and characters were changed.
Some of the things that play out in the book were switched around a bit and some completely taken out. Some of the characters were also changed either personality wise such as Toby Tucker or presence wise meaning made more prominent with their part in the story such as Madison Carter. Some new characters were also added or not even mentioned which is something I can probably let slide this time. Another thing that was changed was the situation between Wesley and Bianca, it was changed from her kissing him randomly at a party to them working together out of pity with school and "unduffing" Bianca with no romantic reasons playing a part in their companionship. I actually think this change benefited the romantic build-up between the characters. It was the classic started-off-friends-but-became-something-more element.
As a movie, I really loved it and would totally see it again any day. It's perfect for a weekend at the movies or just hanging out with your girls.
As a book-to-movie adaptation, you would more than likely have to read the book AND see the movie to decide which one you like better since they're almost completely different from each other. If you've read the book, don't go into the movie thinking it will be a perfect adaptation of the book because, I'm sorry to say, it just isn't. 

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