Monday, June 30, 2014

Eleanor And Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor And Park by Rainbow Rowell
Rating: PG-13
Score: 4 stars

Eleanor: Crazy red hair, unusual weird fashion, and just trying to survive at home and get through high school as fast as she can. All the kids think she's weird and strange. She thinks she couldn't look any uglier than she already does. Her step dad hates his own family and her mother is too broken to see that. Eleanor, just trying to survive in life.

Park: Everyone knows not to mess with him, he listens to crazy punk music and rather sit alone on the bus with his headphones on than with his friends. He's a loner most of the time and wears mostly black all the time. He's a little strange but his family and friends still love him. He's doing fine on his own. Until he meets the new girl named Eleanor.

Two teens who don't believe in love or love at first sight but desperate enough to fight for it. No matter what the cost may be.

1. This punk-rock love story is very sweet and refreshing. I love how the relationship between Park and Eleanor starts out slowly in a bitter way and morphs into something sweeter and loving. It's a very beautiful love story and to me is a cross between The Fault In Our Stars (love story) and Just Listen (music).

2. The characters in this book are very well built and unique. The main characters are very easy to get to know and the side characters are just as easily known by the reader. 

3. The story is about two teens who come from completely different backgrounds and have different interests. They get to know each other and despite their differences, they fall in love and try to protect each other from the world and their own families. Once again, this book is a refreshing love story.

1. There was some language throughout the book that was a bit distracting to me. Most of the language came from Eleanor's step dad and even though I felt like there was a little too much language, it did deliver on the step dad's part.

Age Recommendation: 14+

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