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The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison

The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison
Rating: PG-13
Stars: 3 1/2

Penelope "Lo" Martin has always loved to collect beautiful things. But ever since the death of her older brother, her hording has blossomed in a full-blown and potentially dangerous obsession in the year since. When Lo comes across a beautiful butterfly figurine, she immediately recognizes it as having been stolen from the home of the recently murdered young girl Sapphire. Lo becomes fixated with piecing together the clues and trying to find out who murdered Sapphire and why. With the help of a local artist and unlikely friend Flynt, Lo finds herself caught up in a dangerous, violent and seedy world, much closer to home than she imagined.

1. This story is all about mystery and suspense, lies and secrets, love and loss. Lo is an interesting character with interesting characteristics that make you want to get more involved in the story. As Lo uncovers the secrets and pieces together the puzzle, you become more and more well known with Lo and how her mind works.

2. The story is unique as well are the other characters. You have mystery and suspense for the readers seeking a thrill, twist and turns for the readers seeking a good page turner and a little bit of romance for the readers who want something happy in this sort of doom-and-gloom journey Lo takes on.

3. One thing I have to give praise for this book is that it has some really good plot twists that were built up nicely. They caught you by surprise and made you wonder why you hadn't caught on to them from the get-go.

1. While I enjoyed the story, it did tend to get a bit slow multiple times during the first few chapters. It didn't pick up at a steady pace which made reading it a bit hard to do. Some chapters were faster than other but really didn't pick up at a faster pace until the middle of the book.

2. There are a few questionable subjects that are talked about in the book without any way to avoid it. Lo has to put herself in Sapphire's shoes, literally, in order to find out what happened the night Sapphire was murdered and what the motives were and why. Because of this, Lo has to work the same job, dress the same for the job, and get involved in a more scandalous environment. There's also a mention of drugs, drinking, and of course, Sapphire's job which is probably the most questionable subject in the book.

3. The book didn't reveal too much about the more mature subjects but also didn't reveal a lot about other subjects I would've liked to know more about such as more on Lo's brother and what he was like before he died.

Age Recommendation: 14+

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