Friday, June 13, 2014

Girl, Stolen by April Henry

Girl, Stolen by April Henry
Rating: PG
Score: 5 stars

When sixteen year old Cheyenne, a wealthy daughter of two wealthy parents, is kidnapped by accident when a carjacking attempt goes wrong, she has no idea where they're going, what they look like or even where she is. A high school drop out named Griffen and his father plan to hold Cheyenne hostage for ransom and promise not to kill her. She's scared, alone, and when Griffen starts feeling sympathy for her, he tells her that his father does intend on killing her and has no doubt in his mind that her time is running out. Will Cheyenne be able to convince Griffen to help her escape? Will she survive through the next few days until she's reunited with her family? Will they actually kill a harmless girl who's blind?

1. This story is well built for it to only be a couple hundred pages long. This mystery suspence is definitely a book I do not regret reading. One thing I like about the book is that it picks up and throws you into the story immediately within the first two pages. From there, the story picks up a little more and before you know it, you're feeling a rush of excitement by cheering for Cheyenne to make it out of her captors hands.

2. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat while Cheyenne tries to figure out a way to escape by not only staying calm but by gaining Griffen's trust. Trying to outsmart her captors, using her senses harder than ever and fighting for her life.

3. Because Cheyenne is blind, the book feels very interactive while you read. Trying to imagine what everything looks like in your own mind like Cheyenne does and trying to get a sense of what's happening, where they are, and what Griffen and his father look like. Picking up on different details, using your senses to find out the best means of escape, and also just trying to get out alive. 

Age Recommendation: 12+

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