Monday, June 9, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars: Movie Review

All right girls! This one's for you!

Rating: PG-13
Score: 5 Stars (no pun intended)

 Over the weekend, me and my bestie went to this movie on opening day (We couldn't wait until Saturday). We bought our tickets and received our Red Band Society bracelets and went in to watch this real tear jerker. I basically have no bad words about this movie but I will give my honest review.
The movie pretty much starts just like the book does, opening with the narration by Hazel talking about her cancer, her life, and finally the literal heart of Jesus. From there it pretty much continues into her meeting Gus, and the other characters in the book. The movie shows most of the scenes from the book, such as their friend breaking trophies after a break-up in a hilarious scene, the plans to go Amsterdam, Hazel being rushed to the hospital right after, as well as other funny scense in between. I'm not gonna tell you the whole story, for that you'll just have to read the amazing book and then see the movie for yourself. Their were tons of laugh out loud scenes throughout the movie, which both me and my friend really enjoyed. Overall, the movie stayed about 99% along with the book, only cutting a few scenes that probably weren't important to the movie. I definitely recommend this movie to not only fans of the book like myself, but also any girl who loves a good chick-flick or someone who can relate in anyway to cancer, such as having a loved one with cancer or a patient themselves. I really enjoyed this movie and will definitely be buying this on DVD.
But be warned: when the guy tearing your tickets asks if you would like some tissues, take them! I've never, not once cried in a movie, but this movie made history for me (I cried three times).

Age Recommendation: 13+


  1. It was amazing and your right all the scenes that were edited or edited out didn't take away from the essence of the story and left quite a few special moments just for the readers to enjoy.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It really means a lot! I'm glad you liked the review!