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Review: The Boyfriend Bet by Chris Cannon (Boyfriend Chronicles #2) + GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

Hello, everyone! Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Boyfriend Bet by Chris Cannon hosted by YA Bound Book Tours and I'm super pleased to be a part of the tour. I was sent an e-copy of the book in exchange for an honest review as part of the tour so all thoughts and opinions are all my own.

As always, down below is my review for the book as well as all the links to where you can purchase the book for yourself, links on where to find the author, and a GIVEAWAY! Be sure to also click the link down below so you can follow the rest of the blog tour and don't forget to enter the giveaway! Now that all that is out of the way, let's get this party started! Yay!


The Boyfriend Bet (Boyfriend Chronicles #2) by Chris Cannon
Rating: PG
Genre: Contemporary
Score: ❤❤❤
Page Count: 240
Book #2 in the Boyfriend Chronicles trilogy
Publisher: Entangled Crush
Published: August 22nd, 2016

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains multiple PDAs, after-school detentions, and gambling on the side. Warning: betting on a boyfriend is bad for your health.

Zoe Cain knows that Grant Evertide is way out of her league. So naturally, she kisses him. Out of spite. Not only is Grant her brother’s number-one nemesis, but he has zero interest in being tied down to one girl. She’s shocked—and secretly thrilled—when they start spending more time together. 

Zoe’s brother claims Grant is trying to make her his “Ringer,” an oh-so-charming tradition where a popular guy dates a non-popular girl until he hooks up with her, then dumps her. Zoe threatens to neuter Grant with hedge clippers if he's lying but Grant swears he isn’t trying to trick her. Still, that doesn’t mean Grant is the commitment type—even if winning a bet is on the line.

1. I remember reading the first book in this series sometime last year around the time it first came out and while I don't really remember all that happened in that book, I remember liking it, maybe even loving it. I wanted to read the second book after I saw that it had come out and so I decided to sign up and hope to get a spot on this blog tour. I thought it looked like a fun contemporary read and I'm currently in the mood for something light and fluffy and this sounded like it could be just that. Here's the review:

2. The book is very quirky with equally quirky characters and definitely had it's hilarious dialogue at some points that still make me giggle just thinking about it. It was also very sassy which was enjoyable and wasn't too heavy as some contemporaries can get, but then again that's part of the reason why I love contemporaries. There was some sweet romantic moments strewn throughout the book and even had a secondary romance brewing the entire time we follow Zoe and Grant as they figure out if they want to be together while also watching as their two best friends start showing interest in each other.

3. It was a humorous read, not anything to keep you laughing your socks off but it was light and fun and made me really want to reread the first book in the trilogy. There was also some fun elements such as baking that seemed to be a reoccurring thing between Zoe and Grant as they had Food class together which lead to some entertaining bantering and mischief. The book was cute, a nice summer read or back-to-school read. While it did make my sweet tooth beg for some cookies with all the talk of baking in this book, it was nice to relax with.

1. Oh boy, here we go. While the characters were quirky, I really didn't connect with them. Zoe was a no-nonsense type of person which I liked. However, she was also very dramatic and was quick to fly off the handle over every little thing Grant said or did that she didn't approve of and also seemed very immature. Grant wasn't any better as he started off as being a jerk. While there have been some contemporaries where the jerk redeems himself, Grant did not do just that. If anything, he gave Zoe more reason not to trust him, seemed clueless whenever some girl flirted with him and he couldn't figure out why Zoe would be upset by that, and also was kind of the typical rich boy that EVERY girl in school wanted.

2. I also just couldn't buy the romance in this book nor take it seriously. Grant made it pretty obvious, even telling Zoe to her face, that he didn't want a girlfriend and only wanted to date. Zoe, however, wanted to be with him and tried whatever she could to get him to change his mind about her. Even through the POV's between Zoe and Grant, there just wasn't enough to convince me that the romance was even worth it. I didn't feel as if Grant actually wanted to be with Zoe at all while reading, and I also just couldn't get over Zoe's dramatics and immature behavior. I didn't buy it, their 'wanting to be together' when there just wasn't enough to convince me that the characters were even good for each other.

Overall, I wouldn't read this book again but if you want something quick to read or you enjoy a little bit of that high school drama mixed in with some quirky characters, light storyline and complicated relationships, maybe even a little bit of angst, you might want to consider this one. 

About The Author:

Award winning author Chris Cannon lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and her three dogs, Pete the shih tzu who sleeps on her desk while she writes, Molly the ever-shedding yellow lab, and Tyson the sandwich-stealing German Shepherd Beagle. She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures and snarky contemporary romance. 

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  1. You seem pretty mixed on this one. I like the idea of it being light and fluffy without too much and enjoyable enough for you to like reading it. But it wasn't really realistic and it seems like the characters were hard to connect to. Great review, but I don't think this is one for me...

    1. Yeah I still don't know where I stand with this one and I can safely say it isn't a book I would reread in the future. For me personally, it just wasn't something to write home about. I'm glad you enjoyed my review though!