Friday, September 18, 2015

The Scorch Trials (TMR #2) : Movie Review

Rating: PG-13

So I'm just going to say this right off the bat; If you're hoping this was a spot on movie adaptation of this amazing book, you're looking at the wrong movie. It's no secret that this movie wasn't going to follow the book really at all, I mean, even the director announced some pretty major changes to the story even before filming began. Like the first movie, I thought it made a really cool one to see with your friends on the weekend which I'm all for. As an adaptation however, it just was not at all on point. Some things were kept in the movie, however, not a lot. Naming some of the major changes would take a whole lot more blog posts since the movie is a completely different story from the book. So I'll just talk about some of my favorite moments in this movie. 

Even though the movie was nothing like the book, I still actually really liked a couple of things that played out and were portrayed on the screen. Let's get to top favorite thing to start off on a good note here:

The Cranks.
If you've read the book, then you already know just how crazy and wild the Cranks are and how much more they can be. In the movie, they were just as wild and insane. I thought they actually might've been a little cooler than those in the book. Sure, they looked and acted more like zombies on steroids but at the same time, they were creepier and more terrifying on screen with there black blood oozing out of their eyes and mouths. The infections obviously looked grotesque so if you have a weak stomach or don't do zombies or anything along those lines, you might want to watch out.

The Betrayal.
If you haven't read the book, then you won't know what the heck "The Betrayal" is so to spare you the spoilers, I won't mention this certain character who betrays everyone in both the movie and book. However, if you HAVE read the book and were worried whether or not this major moment would be included in the craziness that is The Scorch Trials, then have no fear! I loved that the betrayal by you-know-who actually took place even though it was for completely different reasons though they were still related to the original source from the book. 

The End.
Now don't fear this time either, I'm not naming any spoilers here! But let's just say some crap went down at the end of the movie that left me like "WHAT?!" The feeling I had at the end of the movie was caused by something heartbreaking that happened to my favorite character from the series and let's just say, I was so not a happy camper. You know that feeling you had of utter betrayal and pain you had at the end of the first book when you-know-who gets killed? Yeah, that was me. And Mr. Wes Ball expects me to wait until 2017 for the third movie?! What is this madness??

Overall, I really do love this movie for what it is. The effects were really cool and there was a ton of action going on. Totally worth two and a half hours if you ask me but then again, I'm a die hard Glader. As an adaptation though, it was very disappointing but at the same time, the series isn't exactly that easy to put in movie form. So take your chances and see the movie for yourself.

Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

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