Thursday, August 28, 2014

Through Her Eyes by Jennifer Archer

Through Her Eyes by Jennifer Archer
Rating: PG
Score: 4 stars

Sixteen year old Tansy Piper is used to moving around all the time because of her mother, an author who believes they have to live in an environment where her stories take place. They move every time her mother starts writing a new book and Tansy is fed up with it. But when they move to the small Texas town where her grandfather grew up, she is lured into the world of a troubled young man whose death more than seventy years ago is shrouded in mystery. As if things couldn't get more disturbing, she finds strange artifacts in the cellar; an old pocket watch, a journal and a crystal, that seem to link Tansy's life and Henry's, the troubled young man, together. As her life becomes intertwined with Henry's, Tansy starts loosing the ability to tell the past from the present, his world from hers. Tansy must untangle herself from Henry's dangerous reality- before she loses touch with her own life forever.

1. This spooky ghost story is definitely a unique one and is one that I fell in love with! The story is unlike any other I've read and involves mystery, lots of it and romance as well as a mysterious story within itself. I just loved this fictional ghost story and I think that any reader with a hunger for a creepy read is in for a treat!

2. The characters. I know I say this a lot but I loved the characters in this book. They were all different and yet the same. They all had appearances but also had two sides of them, a good side, and a dark side.

3. I loved the storyline for both the book and Henry's past and how it played out. I liked how there were certain characteristics that blurred Tansy's ability to tell the past from the present and how well her world and Henry's seemed to blend more and more together as the story progressed. It was unique and I very much enjoyed it

1. The only problem I had with the book is that it tended to get a bit slow in the first few chapters but later picked up the pace about a fourth into the book.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and think that any reader who loves a good ghost story or ghostly/romance mystery will love this book as much as I did!

Age Recommendation: 13+

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