Monday, July 2, 2018

Album Unboxing #12: "Love Yourself: Tear" by BTS (Y, O, U, R Versions)

Hello, everybody! Today I have another album unboxing for you guys! How surprising. BUT. At least this one will be a bit longer of a post. I don't know what self control is so I bought four versions of the same album because that's all that I know how to do, buy all versions of things and not regret anything.

ANYWAY, Let's get this album unboxing started because oh, boy, there's kind of a lot.

So this is the quick overview of the four albums I pre-ordered from Choice Music LA! I've never ordered anything from them in the past but I've always heard fabulous reviews about their service and fast shipping for albums so I decided to pre-ordered my albums through them. And I'm so happy with how quickly I received my albums! As a small sneak peek, I also pre-ordered two more albums from them since receiving these babies in the mail so that unboxing will be coming up soon!

So first we'll be starting off with the 'Y' version of BTS's new album, "Love Yourself: Tear"! I'm so excited about this album, y'all, you have no idea. I freaking loved the first installment of this album series so this one I was so excited for. Anyhoo, let's jump right in.

I received a photocard of my bias for this version *cries in 10 languages* so that was a good start.

I'm not sure what each photo concept for each version is called but this concept is very pleasing to eye. I love the selected saturated colors that this photo concept had and how pretty the sunset scenes were. It was really relaxing so I'm a fan of it. Also, can we talk about that group photo? Like, yes, friendship goals. 


Now onto the next version! This one is the 'O' version and yes, the designs look similar but it's different, OKAY. Anyway, this is the photocard I got with this version of the album and it makes me so happy to slowly see my photocard collection of BTS growing bit by bit. 

This photo concept is probably my favorite? Maybe? I personally just love black and white photos so this concept was right up my alley. Plus, the pops of colors from the colored photos sprinkled throughout was a nice touch. 
And once again, that group photo though. LIKE, UM YES. 


Now, we have the third version of this album, the 'U' version. Okay, so, this is the photocard and though it's not of my bias wrecker . . . I was SO HAPPY. It's so pretty, oh my goodness, I could stare at it for hours.

ANYWAY, this concept is of actual angels. You cannot convince me otherwise, THEY LOOK SO PRETTY *cries in corner*. Now this photobook I looked it very closely and methodically. Took my time, stared lovingly. Okay moving on.

Now, the final fourth version of the album, the 'R' version. Can we just talk about this photocard as well? It's so cute, I can't!

Okay, this photo concept is for sure one of my favorites. Maybe even my top one. Now this one I also took my time looking through, mainly of my bias but that's not the point. I looked through all of them just as lovingly . . . I just took a little more time looking through the photos of my bias. That's all I'm saying. 

Also, this group photo. I know I keep saying that but this one. OMG. Why so pretty?


And now for some of the freebies I received from Choice Music LA! I'm assuming this was a gift for having pre-ordered the albums through them and I was pleasantly surprised! I got these lovely four postcard size photo cards and I LOVE THEM! The paper is cardstock and it has such a nice rough texture to it, I just love them and am so happy that they're a part of my collection now!

And lastly, there are these freebie photo cards I got as well! They're just a tiny bit smaller than the photocards I got with the albums but they're made of the same cardstock paper which is lovely. Each photocard is from one of the different concepts so that was also nice, very nice!

I also got these really cool standing photo cards with each album! I don't exactly need four of them but I mean, if I lose one or damage one, I have back-ups right?


Lastly, here are the posters from each album concept! I wasn't really sure if all the posters I received were gonna be different or the same but I'm happy I got all four. Not that I hang my posters, goodness knows I have so many already, but they're nice to have I guess!




And here is the overview of all the things I got! All four versions of the albums, the standing photo cards, the album photo cards, and just for funzees, the connecting pattern design of the albums.

I hope you guys enjoyed this album unboxing and hopefully it was interesting for you guys to read. Thanks so much for reading this post if you did and until next time, see you guys in the next chapter!

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