Thursday, May 24, 2018

Album Unboxing #11: "Just Right" by GOT7

HELLO, EVERYONE. SO. I have not been blogging AT ALL these past few weeks because life said "LOL, I'm here". Anyway, I quickly wrote up this post for you guys because I need to post SOMETHING. I plan on getting more variety for my blog but for now, please bare with me with yet ANOTHER album unboxing. I promise I'll get something interesting up, but for now, please enjoy this post! 


OKAY, let's just get this thing started.

Here we have probably the happiest looking album that has ever existed. I mean look at it, you can't NOT feel happy just looking at. I freaking love how bright and happy this album is on the outside so I was pretty darn excited to open everything up to see just what it contained.

Upon taking off the plastic wrapping, I slipped out the three photo books that come inside. One is blue, another is pink and the last is a bright happy yellow.

I was a little shook by having three things to look through so it took me a minute to actually comprehend it. SO. Sorry, but my baby brain couldn't function with that.

OKAY, so here is a better and up close view of the photo books. I seriously love how cute everything was, like OMG. The three photo books had different images on the covers and personally, I have to say the cover image for the pink photo book is my favorite. I just want to squeeze them in a big, warm hug! It's also nice that they were numbered on the back even though I don't think I looked through them in that order, but moving on.

Inside the blue photo book, we have the album CD itself along with the track listing.

But can we talk about that bright yellow CD? It's adorable. Actually, adorable. I don't understand how a flipping CD can be so cute. I'M DONE.

Here we have the hot pink photo book that just has a bunch of cute pictures of the group which was really fun for me to look through. I definitely loved this cute group photo in the book the most but all the pictures were really nice and happy and made me feel good inside.

And now the last photo book in all its bright yellow glory! This one is filled with single shots of the members and is just as cute as the other two photo books!

It did hurt my eyes a tiny bit because of the bright yellow color but apart from that, it was an adorable photo book to flip through and once again, was adorable. This entire concept is just too freaking cute. You probably get the point by now so let's just leave it at that.

And lastly, THE PHOTO CARDS! I was SO happy to have gotten a postcard of my second favorite member and, of course, a photo card of my bias! The images are just SO CUTE, I'm crying *sobs in the corner*. I left the post card inside the album for safe keeping as I don't have any page sleeves to put in my photo card binder for my larger photo cards so maybe one of these days, I'll get some two-pocket sleeves for my larger photo cards and postcards to put in my binder. This album also didn't come with a poster so that's all I have for you guys today.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little album unboxing and until next time, see you in the next chapter!

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