Monday, May 7, 2018

Album Unboxing #10: "The Connect: Deja Vu" by Monsta X

Hello, everyone! I hope you guys are having a fantastic day so far! Okay, since I have literally no inspiration this week for something fun to actually post, I'm just going to throw yet another album unboxing at you guys. YOU'RE WELCOME. Sorry if these posts are getting too frequent and kind of annoying but I really enjoy making these posts and this is my most recent addition to my collection of albums and I am VERY excited to finally be writing this unboxing post.

So, without any further ado, let's get right into this unboxing!

OKAY, so here is the beautiful new album by one of my favorite kpop groups, MONSTA X! I was so freaking excited to FINALLY get this album in the mail a few weeks ago, so I apologize for just now posting this. It's been a stressful and LOOOONNNGGGG couple of weeks. But ALAS, the album is here!! I'm so excited! Just look at the cover! OMG! 

Okay, so upon opening up the album, the first thing I see is obviously the title page which is simple yet it still somehow amazed me. I don't know who I am anymore.

And can we just talk about the spine on this thing? Like, how does it look so cool? It's literally just the spine of the album and yet it still looked so cool!

And now here is the inside of the album. The picture on the furthest right is the cover for their photobook inside the album, the middle picture is simply just a close up picture of the photobook, and the last picture is just a picture of the CD. I really loved the packaging of this album, I feel like their albums always have such cool concepts and designs. I think one of the main reasons why I love their music and concepts is how much of an edgy/sci-fi style they have. It just speaks to me.

Here is a couple of pictures of the pocket within the album which held a few little goodies inside.

There's also a picture of one of the flaps of the album. Just look how FLIPPIN COOL IT IS!! It feels so mysterious and like, "important" if that makes sense?

These are the goodies that came in the album! There were four photo cards inside, folded nice and neat inside this little folded up poster, and lastly, a single photocard of one of the members! I really love how this poster looks and I'm kind of tempted to hang it up on my wall. But, let's move onto the photocards because I was really excited to have gotten the ones I got.

So as I said, there were four photocards in total and here are pictures of both the fronts and backs of them all.

I seriously love how they always look like playing cards on the back, it's just so cute and cool and unique!

As for the photcards, I got two singles of two of the members, a group photo and finally a photocard with two members. They're just so adorable I couldn't handle myself when I got them. Yet more photocards to add to my collection!

And this one is the little single photo card that came in the album as well. On the back it has this really cool design. I'm not really sure what the little clock means or if any of the clocks are suppose to mean something but I was loving how cool everything was. You're actually suppose to pop out the little photocard in the middle but I freaking love how it looks as one big photocard so I'm not going to do that. I was happy when I got my bias wrecker to be honest! I wasn't even mad. Nope, not one bit!

And these are a couple of other photocards that came with the album.

Now these I don't think were supposed to come with the album and I'm thinking were little freebies from the seller I bought from. I've purchased albums from them before and have received sticker sheets and bonus cards before as little freebies so I was very happy to have gotten these as well. They're both group pictures and are also little gift tags! I have a few of these for other groups so I was happy to get more, even though I'll probably never actually use them.

And here is a little sneak peak into the photobook inside the album! I really loved this concept for their new album and I will hopefully be able to buy the other three versions of the album. I know that's a bit excessive but I haven't yet decided. I do have plenty of other albums I want to get my hands on so for now, we're going to just play it by ear and see what happens.

And FINALLY, THE POSTER!! This is hands down my favorite poster I have of Monsta X so far! It's just so aesthetically pleasing and again, I kind of want to hang this one up on my wall even though I don't like posters. I just can't decide and need help, obviously. Anyhoo, that's everything that came with the album!

ALSO . . .

I'm going to be attending their concert this JULY!!!!! I literally couldn't be more excited!! I decided last minute to try getting tickets to the concert and I was so happy that there were still a few available and I was able to purchase mine quickly and easily! I'm so happy to be going and of course, I'm going to write a post on everything including pictures, video, and whatever else I can think of once the concert comes around. I'm seriously so excited for July!

Okay, so that's it, my lovelies! I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! Until next time, see you in the next chapter!

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