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Elixir by Hilary Duff

Elixir by Hilary Duff
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Page Count: 327
Book #1 of the Elixir trilogy
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: 2010
Seventeen-year-old Clea Raymond has felt the glare of the spotlight her entire life. The daughter of a renowned surgeon and prominent politician, she has become a talented photojournalist who takes refuge in a world that allows her to travel to many exotic places. But after Clea's father disappears while on a humanitarian mission, Clea begins to notice eerie, shadowy images in her photos of a strange and beautiful young man- a man she has never seen before. When fate brings Clea and this man together, she is stunned by the immediate and powerful connection she feels with him. As they grow closer, they are drawn deep into the mystery behind her father's disappearance, and they discover the centuries-old truth behind their intense bond. Torn by a dangerous love triangle and haunted by a powerful secret that holds their fates, together they race against time to unravel their pasts in order to save their lives- and their futures.
1. I'm a fan of the amazing Hilary Duff and I was excited when I found this book by her. It's a bit older and I wished I could've found it a bit sooner seeing as it only took me a day to read this book. This fantasy love story hooked me from the very first page and I barely even put it down once. I couldn't wait to get to the last page of this book to see how it ended so let's get this review started so you can know why!
2. The writing for this story was very easy to fly through which is something I love finding about a book. Even when there wasn't really anything going on in a chapter, the writing made it seem very important to the story, at least in my opinion. It was simple to read and I actually loved the size of the font in my copy, it's a weird pro but I really enjoyed it.
3. I really enjoyed the characters in this book as well. They weren't my favorite group of characters but I still really enjoyed getting to know them and find out more about them. I found myself laughing out loud when it came to certain characters, there were two in particular that I found so loveable and funny and I love a book with a character that makes me laugh. They were all fun and I can't wait to get more of them in the second book.
4. The story line for this book was interesting as well. I really liked how everything seemed very mysterious until almost the very end of the book when all truth is revealed in one chapter. It was very mind blowing to say the least. There was a ton of mystery and things that didn't quite seem to add up which made me that much more invested in reading the story to see where it went. I also really liked that there were main factors that the story revolved around, only ending up to be just small pieces of a bigger picture.
5. Overall, this book was an enjoyable read for me and I think for anyone else who wants a fun fantasy read, this one you might want to consider picking up. I'm excited to pick up the second book in this trilogy so look out for that review soon!
1. The only thing I didn't really like about this book was the romance. I would have loved to see the romance built up from when Clea and the mysterious man meet for the first time. I thought that the romance between them wasn't as anticipated as I would've loved for it to be and I felt like it was almost insta-love when the two characters finally were alone hallway in the book.
Age Recommendation: 14+
I hope you guys enjoyed this book review! If you have any other book requests you would like me to review, just leave a comment or send me an email! Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter! 

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