Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Book Goals!

Hey bookworms! So with the new year right around the corner, I decided to set some book related goals for myself seeing as there are some things I need to complete when it comes to books such as finishing series, starting new ones, catching up on my TBR pile etc. So here are my book goals for 2015!

1. Goodreads Reading Challenge
So with this year going to be a bit busy for me than what I'm used to, I don't want to set an overwhelming reading goal for myself. So, I'm going to set a safe goal of 70 books for the year. That way I won't feel too overwhelmed with reading. No one wants that!
2. Book Buying Limit
I only started buying books at the beginning of this year and in just 12 months, I've obtained over 130+ books! Kind of awesome! But anyway, with a ton of amazing books coming out in 2015, I wanted to save money so that I can purchase most if not all of them. So, for every three books I read, I'll reward myself and buy ONE or TWO books if there is no new release that I want to buy. This way, I prevent a serious binge buying of books. Not only that, but I'll only be buying sequels to some series/trilogies that I still need to complete. So not only will I be buying fewer books, but I'll also get that much closer to completing a uncompleted series.
3. Find a Good Vampire Series/Trilogy
Ever since the release of the Twlight books and movies, I've been a hater towards vampire books, seeing as the ones I ran into were all either really stupid or incredibly cheesy and unreadable. But as a lover of books, I refuse to believe that there's no good vampire books out there in the world. So this year, I will be going on a year long journey to find one really good vampire book series or trilogy that will win a proud spot on my bookshelf!
 4. Read "Iffy" Books
Allow me to elaborate. There are certain books that I kept my distance from for a really long time for various reasons. The Percy Jackson series is one of them. Seeing as it's a middle grade series, I didn't bother picking up the books even when the first movie came out. This year, though, I decided that I would at least give this series a chance since it is loved by people of all ages.
The Hunger Games trilogy is another one that I tried very hard to stay away from. I actually was going to read these books before the first movie came out, but all the hype, the fandoms, the posters, the merchandise, and ultimately the over-obsessed fans ruined the books for me. They ended up becoming a taboo subject for me and everyone who knows me knows that. This year, however, I decided that I'm at least going to read the first book and give it a go. I'm not promising that I'll finish all three books but I'm at least going to try it out.
This book was one I didn't mean to stay away from but ended up doing anyway. I didn't really enjoy the first book at all and the movie was one I don't have any interest in watching again. I have so many people tell me that the second book in this duology is better than the first. I do want to pick up this book within the year, though when I'm not sure, but I will give this second book a go and we'll see what happens then.
5. Start My Most Anticipated Series
Throne Of Glass Series
There are quite a few book series that I really want to start that I haven't yet. All these books are ones that have been at the top of my wishlist for a while now, so, enjoy!
The Mara Dyer trilogy
The Grisha Trilogy
The Rebel Belle Series
The Archived Series
Anna Dressed In Blood Series
Wake Trilogy
His Fair Assassin Trilogy 
Asylum series
So that's it everybody! Those are my book goals for 2015! Please NO SPOILERS on the books listed above thank you! So do you have any book goals? Leave a comment down below and let me know! Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


  1. Good luck with your 70 book challenge... I'm not as quick as that so going for 20 this year....

    1. Thanks so much! I am a fast reader so that's why I set it a little higher than my last challenge. Good luck with your reading goal this year!