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Atlantia by Ally Condie

Atlantia by Ally Condie
Rating: PG
Score: ★★★★
Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy
Page Count: 301
Standalone Book
Publisher: Dutton Books
Published: November 4, 2014

For as long as she can remember, Rio has dreamt of the sand and sky Above- of life beyond her underwater city of Atlantia. But in a single moment, all her plans for the future are thwarted when her twin sister, Bay, makes an unexpected decision, stranding Rio Below. Alone, ripped away from the last person who knew Rio's true self- and the powerful siren voice she has hidden- she has nothing left to lose. Guided by a dangerous and unlikely mentor, Rio formulates a plan that leads to increasingly treacherous questions about her mother's death, her own destiny, and the complex, system constructed to govern the divide between land and sea. Her life and her city depend on Rio to listen to the voices of the past and to speak long-hidden truths.

1. This fantasy book is the newest one from Ally Condie, author of the Matched trilogy, an international bestseller. I'm a big fan of the trilogy and I was really excited when this lovely came out and I just had to get my hands on it! Let's get started with the review!

2. The world of Atlantia was very unique but still had the classic feel of an underwater city. Although not based on the famous city of Atlantis, Atlantia still amazed me and got me very interested in its roots. From delicate architecture to enchanting ocean structures, it was one world that I would love to explore.

3. Before you get excited, this book is NOT about mermaids! If you're looking for a mermaid read, I suggest The Little Mermaid. But if you love sirens, keep reading! Ever since reading one of favorite siren trilogy's, I've been on the hunt for a new read with sirens and I was excited to find this one. Although the book doesn't go into detail about the sirens or where they came from, it was fun reading about them and reading why they are considered dangerous in the city Atlantia.

4. The book was very easy to read and get through, no complicated writing or description. It was very well put together and left no gaps in the story or questions. It was well fleshed out and an enjoyable read overall.

1. I liked the characters but I didn't connect with them like I would've liked too. They were a little vague and weren't that relatable in my eyes. I would've liked to see their personalities a little more and would've liked to know more about their pasts.

2. It started out a little slow and didn't pick up until at least 30 pages but made up for it later as the story progressed. 

Age Recommendation: +13

I hope you guys enjoyed this book review! If you have any other book request you would like me to review, just leave a comment or send me an email! Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

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