Friday, March 20, 2015

Insurgent Movie Review!

Rating: PG-13
So since my obsession with the Divergent series is bordering on unhealthy, I of course couldn't wait to see this next installment in the movie adaptation of the book. So, as always, I have a review for you guys (spoiler free of course) and I hope you guys enjoy it!
So of course, I always love to start off a review with the characters and I seriously cannot get over how perfect the casting really is for this movie! I thought the actors were great in the first movie but they were even better in this sequel! I loved how each character was brought to life and how much they're able to develop these characters even more by just playing the role. I seriously loved how the amazing Shailene Woodley was able to capture how strong and brave Tris is in the Insurgent book and how much more of a fighter she was as well. Just brilliant!
The next thing I really loved was the really cool effects. I couldn't have imagined certain scenes from the book being as epic as they were in the movie. The action scenes were fast-paced just like in the book but with a bit more edge in my opinion. It was exciting and overall fun to watch come to life.
I also really liked how in the movie, the point of the series is really exaggerated. I loved how the characters were focused mainly on bringing down Jeanine Mathews just like in the book but still had other factors fighting them the whole way. I really enjoyed the fact that the film delivered how much stronger, and more determined the characters are and how much they're willing to sacrifice in order to rebuild their world and bring back freedom and order. It had a great sense of determination and courage.
Overall, the movie was a great action-packed book-to-movie adaptation that I would honestly see again and again. I really loved watching the story play out and I couldn't put my excitement for this movie into words even if I tried. However, there were some changes that were made (big surprise) and I couldn't help but take note on them:
1. Scenes were moved around and/or changed.
It's not surprising that some things were moved around a bit and changed a little to better fit the adaptation of the book. Take the beginning scene where Tris cuts her hair. That scene technically happened the same way in the book though not completely. Small events were moved to different places throughout the movie and most of them were changed to be more along the lines of what really happens in the book instead of it actually and exactly play out the same way. Some changes I didn't mind whereas others I felt where unnecessary.
2. Things were added and/or taken out completely.
So if you've seen the trailer for this movie, you know that even though everything looks really cool, you honestly have no idea what the heck is going on. You're not alone on that one. The first big thing that was added to the movie adaptation was "The box". The film explains what the thing is but I didn't think it was a necessary addition since it didn't add anything to the story other than it being a really cool box. Some scenes were also completely skipped over, such as the confrontation of Evelyn and Tris having a "talk" and even the confrontation of Tori and Jeanine after Tris gets through the simulation. If you've read the book, you'd what those were exactly. I would've liked to have seen those scenes play out in the movie.
3. Character personalities were changed for certain ones.
The last big change about the movie I think was that some of the characters' personalities were changed a bit and some characters barely made any appearance. The latter part being characters like Uriah and Tori. The first part being for characters like Johanna, seeing as she was a lot more hesitant to help out the running fugitives. Even though these seem like minute changes that don't necessarily matter to the story, they were changes I noticed and didn't really agree with.
Overall, I still enjoyed the movie for what it was and liked that despite the changes, it was still along the lines of the book though not a perfect adaptation. I can't wait for the third movie, however! Next March seems too far away. The movie was entertaining, exciting, and even funny at times!
I'm NOT an expert on movies, but these were my thoughts and I hope you enjoy them!

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