Monday, March 2, 2015

Music Matching Monday: Insurgent

Seeing as the movie comes out in just a couple of weeks, I thought I would pair this book with a song this week! I really wanted to find a song that really made me think of Insurgent whenever I listened to it and after just a few minutes of thinking about it, I found the perfect song. In this sequel to Divergent, the characters are really just trying to repair the broken society that they call home and unite everyone to help them with that task. They also have to go into hiding because they are after all, being hunted down by the government. I felt this song goes really well with the book because it talks about "hiding out in daylight" and how "everyday people do everyday things" but that they're capable of anything. It also talks about being heroes and I feel like in Insurgent, the characters really are being pushed into being just that but they take that role and try to be so much more. 
"Heroes" by Alesso ft. Tove Lo


  1. Oh I love this song. I think it suits Insurgent too. Plus the music video is just cool :)

    1. Oh I know right? I love the music video! I'm so glad you think the song suits Insurgent too :) I was worried no one would!