Friday, March 13, 2015

Book Talk #1: 10 Things Every Fangirl Looks For In A Guy

Alright, girls, truth time. Have you ever wondered who and where your perfect guy is in the world? Have you ever wondered what he would look like? What he's reading? Who his favorite author is? Would he be more of a Harry Potter or more of an Augustus Waters? Well, I've asked a few of my friends what they would love the book nerd of their dreams to be like and I've gathered all of the characteristic into this post!

1. A funny guy is always a winner.
If there's one thing us fangirls love to do other than read, we love a guy who can make us laugh without even trying too. You could say every book loving girl will always take note to see if his sense of humor is more along the lines of either Augustus Waters or even more of a Percy Jackson, either way he has to have a bit of a sassy, sarcastic and witty personality. Every reader knows that those types of guy characters in books always steal a girl's heart, both fictionally and in real life but the real pain comes from knowing that he isn't real. So, if you're a guy and reading this, you honestly have hundreds of thousands, even millions of girls looking for you. (Some might be hiding in your closet.)

2. A lover and talker of books.
Of course, because we're girls who love books more than life itself, we also love to talk about our favorite books and sometimes we don't always have people who will listen to us talk about those books that have taken our very soul. What makes a cute guy even better is knowing that he's also wanting to talk about his favorite book as if the story and characters were real. It's not only a great conversation that both guy and girl can have, it's also a sign that they get each other and that not all girls are obsessed with Seventeen Magazine and that not all guys are only worried about when the new Call Of Duty game releases. It's honestly a win win.
3. Kind is always great.
Even though we love reading books and love to laugh and all that jazz, a huge turn off for any girl really is a bad attitude. A kind guy is always great whether you're a fangirl or not. Have some class, boys!
4. Accepts fangirling without question.
As a girl born to fangirl at any point and time, you as a guy need to accept that us fangirls sometimes need to scream, cry, laugh and see a therapist whenever someone makes a TFIOS, Divergent, or fandom reference. It's just nature and emotions coming together into an obsessive and unpredictable reaction. Deal with it or don't.

5. Passionate about interests.
Whether it's a passion for books, music, art or anything that interests you, it's always cool to see a guy who's passionate about something without being afraid of being judged. Just an example, like a good friend named Josh (Isla and The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins) he's passionate about art and writing and surrounds himself with those things and completely immerses himself in it. We, as fangirls, know what it's like to be judged and stared at for outbursts of crying and laughing. We feel you. We're passionate about our fangirlness, don't be afraid to be passionate about something too.

6. Sweet as a cupcake.
It's also nice to have someone who not only understands we need space when fangirling or knows how to make us laugh, but it's also great to have a sweet guy who's thoughtful. Thoughtful doesn't have to be like texting us every 2 minutes that he's thinking about us (honestly, we need sleep because we stayed up until midnight reading) but thoughtful like he knows the types of books we like, knows which OTPs not to make fun of and most importantly, knows our coffee orders from Starbucks by heart. Now if that's not thoughtful, I don't know what is. Take the one and only Cricket Bell from Lola and The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. He's sweet, funny and even a little awkward but that's what makes him loveable. His sweet gestures, funny jokes and most importantly, his thoughtfulness towards Lola are what stole our hearts.


7. Has the time to listen to OTP talks.

As mentioned before, it's to be expected that we as fangirls will also want to have five-hour long conversations about our OTPs. If you want to make the decision of dating a book loving girl then, boys, take notes. We're not asking you to name every single one of our OTPs and know them by heart (though you get bonus points if you can) and we're not expecting you to even read the book our OTPs are in. But we do expect you to listen to us cry, laugh, and have anxieties and passionately tell you why our OTPs belong together when our friends are nowhere to be found. It's just a part of life. Deal with it! We do a lot of shipping.

8. Sees your true personality.
There's also a lot more than just the books we read. It's nice to be admired just as much as we admire the worlds and characters we read and love. Our true personalities are not a thing to go unnoticed. Just like we learn and grow with our favorite characters, we want to grow and learn ourselves and create a personality for ourselves that truly shines and we want someone to see that. Who we are should be looked upon like a piece of art that you can't help but become immersed in and enjoy seeing. Now that quality is one all girls want in a guy.
9. A gentleman is a keeper.
A gentleman is also a great quality that every guy needs to have. Honestly. Whether it's carrying our huge pile of books through the bookstore, helping us reach the tall shelves or dragging us out of a bookstore when we've already blown our budget, a gentleman is always nice to have.

10. Accepts that we're in love with fictional characters.
 And finally, the last thing that every fangirl looks for in a guy is this: The acceptance that we'll always be in love with fictional characters. It's just a part of us. Even though we live in reality, we wish every single day that we could live in our favorite books and be with our true love (St. Clair, Enzo, Four, Gus, Prince Kai, etc.) He has to accept the fact that if our fictional boyfriend knocked on our door, we'd more than likely kick him to the curb. We'll always be in love with them and there's no getting over it.


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  1. A guy who sees your true personality (No.8) and still stays around is definitely a keeper. After all we fangirls tend to get intense sometimes :p