Friday, March 27, 2015

Top 5 Friday: Villains

One thing I think readers love more than an awesome hero is an epic villain to go along with the do-gooder. Villains are always the most loved yet hated characters in a book and always has more to their character and sometimes a dark past that sometimes justifies their actions. Before I get into more villain talk, check out this awesome post by Soudha Parsan to read what her favorite villains are: Of Stacks and Cups: My Top 5 Vllians
5. Count Olaf from the The Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.
It's no secret that this series is my favorite of all time and I love this series to pieces because of not only the characters and the story but of course, the villain. Count Olaf never fails to try everything he can to get the Baudelaire orphans in his grasp to steal their parents' fortune. In each book, he gets more determined and no matter how old you are or how many times you reread this series, never fails to be creepy and scary. I love this villain because of the fact that he's presented right off the bat as a very cold, greedy and extremely selfish person who isn't at all the fatherly type. I love his character because he's very interesting and even witty in a dark and sinister way and he's just entertaining in that way. Count Olaf is definitely one of my favorites and he's not being replaced any time soon!
4. Jeanine Mathews from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.
Another one of my favorites is of course, Jeanine Mathews. Ever since I read about her character in the books, I couldn't get enough of her and kept wanting to get into her head to see how she thought and how she justified her actions. She's a very strong and superior villain who isn't afraid of being defeated because she truly believes that isn't possible. She's smart and determined and doesn't give up easily at all. She's very meticulous and as the leader of Erudite, very confident in her position of power and makes for a great put-together and business type villain in a world threatening to fall apart right before her eyes, something she's extremely determined to put an end to and keep things in order.
3. Adelina Amouteru from The Young Elites by Marie Lu.
I think Adelina makes for a great villain considering she started out as a potential hero that wanted to use her powers for good but found it hard because of how powerful she grew and how dark her power actually was too. I loved her character because she grew up in a bad home where she was treated horribly by her father and was almost killed for being accused of being a witch so needless to say, she hasn't had the best life at all. I loved how much she struggled to stay on the path of being the good guy but found it hard because of her powers and what she was capable of doing. She couldn't help that she had a certain element of darkness in her soul and how much anger and pain she had inside of her and how it affected her powers and made her that much more dangerous and made it hard for her to control herself when using her abilities. Adelina is a great example of a villain walking on the line between good and evil and I'm excited to see how much she grows in the sequel.
2. White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis.
This villain really intrigues me so much it's pretty much a constant adventure to get to know more about her character and exactly how she thinks and justifies her actions and decisions. One thing I love about the White Witch is that she crowned herself queen of Narnia and just by the laws, rules and even her personality, she was able to make all of Narnia fear her and tremble under her rule, making sure no one ever tried to defy or stand up against her. Of course, she is also an amazing sword fighter and I think that adds to just how powerful she actually is. I love this villain because the last thing she'll do is ignore anybody's attempt to go against her or even speak out against her laws for the people and animals of Narnia. I love that she's called the White Witch because it delivers on the point of her being a cold-hearted person and very aware of her position of power. She's a great villain and by far one of my favorites. She has an awesome way of burying her anger inside of her and having it boil up in bursts of fury. She's definitely power hungry, strong, and beautifully evil.
1. Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.  
My all time favorite villain at the moment is hands down Queen Levana! I just love her character and how she's more than an evil villain but a broken character that was never loved the way she wanted to be, accepted for who she was and how she looked and of course, a girl that just wanted to love and be loved by someone. I loved how much of a back story she had and how complicated her character actually is. Queen Levana, in my opinion, is the idea of a perfect villain with a dark and sad background story, dark justifications for her actions, and an eerie and mysterious image that she tries as hard as she can to keep. She's power hungry, attention seeking and desperate for love from everyone around her and extremely insecure despite how much she tries to hide that fact.  
If you have your favorite villains, please let me know who they are in the comments or write a post about it and leave the link down below! Please check out the post from Of Stacks and Books linked above and check out her blog! (You won't regret it!)

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