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The Review Chain: The Deepest Black by Rainy Kaye

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Score: ❤❤❤
Page Count: 208
Stand Alone
Publisher: Kindle
Published: May 27th, 2016

Ember has a little problem...Fairies want her dead. 

Ember spends her Friday nights lurking in the bad parts of town, killing fairies. It’s either that, or become a victim of their flesh-eating hunger. 

Then she meets Remy, a fae who, despite getting on her nerves, isn’t evil. He tells her that a shadow has been consuming his world, changing its inhabitants and letting destructive beasts into his city. He is searching for his brother who went missing during the catastrophe. 

When mercenaries come for Ember, she has little choice but to join Remy in his quest. Together, they decide to bait a trap. What they find reveals the destruction of the fae world means the end of the human world, too–and it’s Ember’s fault.

1. When I first heard of this book through The Review Chain, I was actually really interested in reading it even though I'm not a fan of urban fantasy and I try my hardest to avoid the genre since I haven't had good experiences with it in the past. It's always good to get out of your comfort zone, however, and since this book had me feeling curious about the story, I decided to give it a go and was surprised to find I liked the book more than a lot of urban fantasy books I've read in the past. Here's the review:

2. I liked our main character Ember since she was a bit of a hard head and didn't like answering to people. She was very much her own person as well and while that can come across as an annoying character trait, it made me interested in her character from the get-go. She was a tough cookie who was ready for any fight that came her way and throughout the book, we follow her as she tries to unravel the mystery of why she has the ability to see Fae, only knowing that it is killed or be killed. She runs into a character named Remy who only reveals enough of himself to get Ember to trust him but not much more than that. He has an air of mystery surrounding him and they team up to figure out what's really going on with the world of the Fae, uncover and stop a curse from destroying all the Fae and the human world, and find an elixir to keep the dark Fae at bay while also trying to find Remy's brother whom he believes was kidnapped by the evil Fae. They interacted well together even though sometimes they didn't see eye to eye but overall, they knew their goals and were willing to help each other out.

Fae Forest, Zam's Realm by wolfshire
3. The book has a few different fantasy elements that mix well together as the story progresses and I loved the aspect of two worlds colliding. The book had witches, Fae, beasties, magic, a mysterious darkness taking over the world, changelings, curses and a few more things that were fun to read about and kept me interested. While the mystery wasn't amazing and the pace a bit awkward, the action scenes were intense and there were plenty of twists and turns in the story. The writing was great as well and I think Rainy Kaye is definitely a great writer in the words she uses and the descriptions that came across nicely which made the world easy for me to imagine as a reader. 

1. While I liked the book and it was a great way to get out of my comfort zone, I did have a few problems with the storyline. For one, it was a little hard to follow and had me scratching my head a few times as I tried to figure out how certain events fit in with the rest of the story. It felt a little awkward and sometimes felt like it came out of left field, leaving me confused and the book scattered. It seemed like the story was wanting to go in different directions and it had a hard time choosing which path to take. 

2. I also felt like the 'hook' at the beginning of the book was great but it kind of lost that energy as the story played out. Not only because the storyline felt scattered but also because there was a constant trust/distrust of Remy that really distracted me from the story, not to mention the romance between Ember and Remy felt like more of an afterthought and wasn't built upon the initial first meeting of the characters. The mystery also wasn't engaging enough and felt too jarring and moved too fast for me to keep up with. By the end of the book, I had way too many questions about things that happened in the book and caught a few plot holes, loose ends that were left dangling, and overall felt unsatisfied with how the book wrapped up. By the end, I was confused about a lot of things and I really think this book could have used at least a hundred more pages to really flesh everything out and bring it all together. 

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About The Author:

Rainy Kaye is an aspiring overlord. In the mean time, she blogs at RainyoftheDark and writes paranormal novels from her lair somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona.

She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA. Someone told her she's a USA Today Bestselling author. She thought there would be cake. 

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  1. Hmm... sounds like a pretty mixed opinion. It seems like you really enjoyed a lot of the characters and the idea of the book as a whole, but you wanted it to slow down a bit and then be a bit more well explained so it didn't get confusing. And up the ante with the hook it had made in the beginning! It still seems like a fairly enjoyable read though. Thanks for reviewing x

    1. Somehow you're able to read to mind!! It was very enjoyable as a whole but when breaking it down, I felt it needed a bit more explanation as you said and a slower pace at some points in the book. It's still an original tale, though, which was really nice!