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Review: My Friends Are All Strange by M.C. Lesh + GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

Hello, everyone! Today, I have another review for all of you that I'm really, super excited about. Today, I'll be reviewing My Friends Are All Strange by M.C. Lesh hosted by Xpresso Book Tours so a special thanks to them!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review as part of this book tour.

Down below, you'll find my review for the book, as well as links to where you can buy a copy for yourself and the author's links. Also, don't forget to check out the rest of the book tour and the GIVEAWAY! Now, onto the review, shall we?

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Contemporary
Score: ❤❤❤❤❤
Page Count: 230
Stand Alone
Publisher: Publishing
Published: October 18th, 2016

My friends are all strange.

Right now I'm living at Brookside, a place for people like me. I've met a kitty girl, a brooding beautiful boy, one who can't be touched, and others. My new friends. Strange people. People like me.

I've always been different, but lately, more so. My hands sometimes don't seem to be attached to the rest of me. I cut up all of my clothes. I'm hot, so hot, all of the time. If I sleep, a wizard haunts every dream. I don't sleep. Sometimes I want to run, but where do you run to when you're trying to escape your own mind? I don't know if I'll ever be the same. I'm smart. I'm nice, sometimes. I just want to be normal(ish). But, right now, my friends are all strange... Like me.

Dark, funny, snarky, seventeen-year-old Becca struggles to cope with mental illness in My Friends Are All Strange, the gripping contemporary young adult companion novel to Normalish.

1. The title of this book really reeled me in when I first saw it because I thought to myself "My friends are all strange, as well" but in the most awesome of ways. None of us really have 'normal' friends because no one is without little quirks which make us all so different yet pretty neat. I find myself to be a strange person for many reasons so I thought why not take a look at this novel? When i read the synopsis, I quickly realized that I needed to read it because it sounded like it was right up my alley. I'm so excited to be reviewing this book for you guys so here goes nothing!

2. I really, really liked all of the characters in this book! I thought Becca was a strange, complex yet relatable girl trying to live as normal a life as possible but because of her mental illness, she finds it difficult and it hasn't at all been smooth sailing for her or her family. Becca has a very supportive family and they try their hardest to make sure Becca gets the help she needs from everyone around her. I also loved Becca's friends because they had their own mental illnesses and other obstacles they had to overcome that kept them from living 'normal' lives. This book really highlighted the fact that almost none of the characters were perfectly fine and happy. I loved getting to see all the characters in this novel deal with their emotions and hard times, battle their demons if you will, and watch them ask questions, struggle, overcome, get broken down, feel angry, sad, happy, regretful, and deal with such raw struggles that we don't see very often in YA literature.

3. This book is totally not your run-of-the-mill YA novel. It isn't about a girl with some form of mental illness who meets a cute boy, they fall in love, and they end up helping each other overcome their greatest struggles and then live happily ever after with cake, rainbows, and puppies. While Becca does have a very supportive and loyal boyfriend in the book, the book doesn't focus on their relationship. I loved watching Becca and her friends talk to each other about the things they're battling, their home life, how they really feel when there's no one watching them or asking if they're fine or okay, really getting to know each other and trying to understand themselves in a place where being strange to the outside world is understood by the patients and nurses and doctors that surround them.

4. This book is very poignant and realistic yet heartbreaking and pulls at the heart strings. Even though the characters were quirky and different, they were still so relatable and as the story progressed, I found myself getting very attached to all of them and not just one or two. I loved the pacing of the story and enjoyed those heartbreaking scenes that reminded me of the fact that just because someone looks fine on the outside, it doesn't at all mean they haven't been through something hard and that they're perfectly happy. It also reminded me that it's never good to get so caught up in your own worries and struggles because you're not the only one dealing with hard times. Basically, this book was a bit of an eye-opener and I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a real story about real struggles and the real emotions that come with them. 

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About The Author:

California native Margaret Lesh lives in a narrow canyon populated by herds of wild burro and packs of coyote. The canyon is also populated with her creative, handsome husband, her feisty mother-in-law, her not-brave-at-all Border Collie, Echo, and sometimes her son (who is away at college. And she is not quite sure how that all happened so fast).

She writes books to entertain young and not-so-young readers as well as herself. She believes tacos are magic

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  1. Great review, Anissa! This sounds like a very well written book with great substance and characters! I like that it's not all about romance for once, too! Glad you liked it! :)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the review! I would say it's definitely a favorite of mine for the year. such a well written book and I highly recommend it!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful book! I especially loved the title as well, when I clicked here over from bloglovin. But what I really like about the sound of this one is how much it really is Becca's journey and character growth. Even when she is in a relationship it doesn't take over everything, but rather is just another contribution to her journey <3

    1. Yes, my thoughts exactly! It was a very well written book that was all about her journey and it never lost focus!