Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Song Of The Week #2

Howdy, everyone! I hope you've all been having a great week so far and had a fun weekend. As promised, today I bring you guys the second installment of Song Of The Week which is a new segment that I've decided to add to this little blog of mine. Not going to lie, it was a bit of a struggle to come up with just one song to feature this week since recently I've come across some awesome songs that make me want to dance.

BUT, I was able to pull myself together and buckle down with just one song to share with you all. I would try to explain how much I love this song that I've chosen for the week but that would take forever so I'll just let you listen to the track if you're curious. Enjoy my lovely bookworms! 



Do you have any song suggestions? Please leave any suggestions at all in the comments down below because I LOVE discovering new songs and have PLENTY to share with you all in the future. Rock on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

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