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Dream Casting: The Carter House Girls by Melody Carlson

Dream Casting: The Carter House Girls by Melody Carlson
Recently I was thinking about so many books I've been wanting to dream cast just for fun. I decided to dream cast one of my favorite books from one of my favorite series' with the help of one of my very good friends to pick out the perfect dream cast for the first book in The Carter House Girls series, Mixed Bags by Melody Carlson! Here's our dream cast!
1. DJ- Ksenia Solo or Emmy Rossum

My choice for this very important character was Ksenia Solo from shows such as Life Unexpected and Lost Girl. I loved her performance in those shows and I thought she'd be a good choice for DJ seeing as DJ isn't the typical girly-girl. She'd much rather chill in her favorite Basketball jersey than put on a pair of heels. I thought Ksenia would fit the role because she plays a good "tough girl" and is a great actress and in my opinion, has the look of DJ. I would personally love to see Ksenia bring this character to life and think she'd do a fantastic job!

Another choice we had for DJ was the amazing Emmy Rossum from movies such as The Phantom Of The Opera and Beautiful Creatures and shows such as Shameless. I think this talented young lady has a very innocent look that DJ has, seeing as she's just a teen girl who really doesn't want to be trapped under one roof with five other teen girls who only worry about Kate Spade and the newest heartthrob. I think Emmy could do a great job bringing DJ to life and I think it would be a fun casting!

2. Eliza- Janel Parish or Selena Gomez

The first choice that was made for Eliza, the somewhat wild one, was Janel Parish from movies such as Bratz and Triple Dog and shows such as Pretty Little Liars. Not only is this young lady an amazing singer but I also think she's a great actress and to me, has the look that Eliza would have if she were an actual person. Janel plays the edgy and wild characters very well and I think that she would do a great job bringing Eliza to life for just that reason.

Another option for Eliza was Selena Gomez who's been in way too many films to mention such as Hotel Transylvania, Spring Breakers and Monte Carlo. And of course, she's a recording pop artist who's pretty popular among young girls. I think Selena definitely has the look Eliza would have, a little edgy and fun but also sassy. I think it's be interesting to see this girl play Eliza.

3. Taylor- Mandy Moore or Cassandra Scerbo

Taylor is definitely an unforgettable character in this book series and one option that came up for her part was the beautiful and talented Mandy Moore who's a beautiful singer and who's been in films such as A Walk To Remember and Tangled. I think Mandy is such a great actress and I would so love to see her play Taylor because her character is a little wild, daring but loveable and a very dynamic character at that.

Another option for Taylor was Cassandra Scerbo from movies such as Teen Spirit and Sharknado and shows such as Make It Or Break It. I think Cassie would be a great choice for Taylor because she has a knack for playing the "mean girl" and the "wild child" but also can play the nice girl at any given time. I think she totally has the right look for Taylor and I would love to see her play this very entertaining part!

4. Kriti- Victoria Justice

The only option we had for Kriti was Victoria Justice because we couldn't imagine anyone else playing this part! This beautiful and talented young lady has been in movies such The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, Fun Size and book-to-movie adaptation Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List as well as shows such as Victorious and her new show Eye Candy. I think Victoria has the look for Kriti down to a T and seems like a very sweet and kind person just like the character in the book. If the shoe fits, right?

5. Rhiannon- Lacey Chabert
Once again, there was only actress we cast for this character because we couldn't imagine anyone else playing this part! We chose the amazing Lacey Chabert from movies such as Mean Girls, Hello Sister Goodbye Life and shows such as Baby Daddy and even played young Cosette on Broadway's production of Les Misérables. I think Lacey is a great actress and would love to see her playing the kind, quiet and good-natured Rhiannon. I think her personality matches perfectly with Lacey's and think she'd a perfect match!

6. Casey- Emily Osment or Bridget Mendler

One option that came up first for Casey, was the talented and gorgeous Emily Osment whom you may know from movies such as Cyberbully and Kiss Me and shows such as Hannah Montana and her new show Young and Hungry. I think Emily would be a great choice for Casey since her character in the book is very edgy and fearless. It would be awesome to see Emily Osment break into the "wild child" role and see her on the big screen again! It's been awhile and I think she's such a great actress.

Another option that came up, was the amazingly talented Bridgit Mendler! Not only is she an amazing singer, but she's been in movies such as The Clique and Lemonade Mouth and shows such as Good Luck Charlie and Updateable. I could totally see Bridgit Mendler playing the part of Casey since they're both funky and have a bit of edge both personality and fashion wise!

7. Connor- Shane Harper

Anyway, the only option we had for Connor was Shane Harper from the movies such as God's Not Dead and shows such as Good Luck Charlie and Awkward. I think Connor is a very smart and sweet gentleman and I think that Shane Harper would be the perfect actor for that role! It also helps that he's a pretty talented actor and singer! Be still my heart . . .

8. Katherine- Lisa Howard or Sierra Boggess

One of the options for Katherine Carter was Lisa Howard from shows such as Earth: Final Conflict and Days of Our Lives. I've never seen anything with this actress before but I think she has a very sweet and caring look just like Katherine Carter in the book, seeing as she's more of a mother figure for the girls. I think Lisa would be a great pick for that part and I think she'd do a great job.

Another option that came up was the very talented Sierra Boggess who's been in Broadway productions such as The Little Mermaid in 2008 and The Phantom Of The Opera in 2011. I think Sierra would be a great match to play Katherine because she seems like a very sweet and funny person and she's a very talented actress and I think she has the look for Katherine as well!

If you want to see more dream casts, please leave your suggestions in the comments!! Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

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