Monday, April 20, 2015

Music Matching Monday: What Happened To Goodbye

It was bound to happen that one of these days, I'd choose to pair a song with a Sarah Dessen novel. Did you seriously think it wouldn't happen? Anyway, this week I decided to pair a song with one of my top favorite Sarah Dessen books, "What Happened To Goodbye". I recently reread this book and feel so in love with everything about this book all over again! I wanted to choose a song that went along with the theme of the book. In this book, our main character Mclean struggles with constantly moving around from place to place with her father and also struggles to figure out who she really is by becoming a different person everywhere she goes. When she finds friends and a new place that she might actually care about, she finds it hard to keep her true self hidden and eventually, ends up showing her new friends and even her family who she really is, flaws and all. I just love how this book talks about finding out who you really are, having people there for you to help you no matter what, and finding a place where you can't imagine being away from and wanting to be with someone no matter where.
 RATHER BE by Pentatonix (Clean Bandit Cover)

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