Monday, May 4, 2015

Music Matching Monday: Paper Towns

In honor of this amazing book coming to the big screen in just a few weeks, I decided I'd pair this book up with a song. In this book, we follow a young boy named Q and his band of misfit friends as they try to piece together the mysterious disappearance of the spontaneous Margo, the girl Q just might be in love with. This book is heavily themed with friendship, love and just a little bit of revenge and what it means to be there for someone no matter what. I love how this book also talks about life in general, how things really aren't what they appear to be. I thought it was a very inspirational book about life and what it means to have people who truly care about you and how even though every day may seem a bit drab, it never fails to have a little adventure.
 A THOUSAND MILES by Vanessa Carlton

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