Monday, May 11, 2015

Music Matching Monday: Shatter Me

For this book, only one song came to mind, partly because the song has the same title as the book. In this book, Juliette has to struggle with keeping her unique power under control and keep from hurting anybody. Her touch is lethal and she feels both emotionally and literally trapped inside herself and a mental facility because of her powers. She tries hard to stay as normal as she can but in the end, realizes that the only way she'll ever be free is when she's able to accept herself for what and who she is as well as breaking free from the chains she's been put in. The song I chose for this book talks about "breaking the glass" and how there's no one to catch you if you take the risk of breaking free and "take the dive". I feel like that's exactly what Juliette struggles to overcome, fear of not only shattering her barriers but also shattering herself in the process.

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