Friday, October 27, 2017

Album Unboxing #4: "7For7" by GOT7 (Biggest Unboxing YET!)

Hello, eveyone! Today I'm super excited to be bringing you all this album unboxing that I've been DYING to post but life happens and well, time doesn't like being my friend so yeah.

ANYHOO, since there's kind of a lot to show you guys I'll get right into the unboxing. If you're interested, keep reading to see all that this album contains and if you choose to do so, please check out my previous album unboxings if you would like to as well.


Okay, so, confession time. The reason why this unboxing is going to be kind of long, or at least longer than my previous ones, is simply because I bought both versions of the same album.


I honestly couldn't decide which version I wanted more, plus I wanted both versions so there. This happened. I REGRET NOTHING. Let's get into the unboxing instead of focusing on my lack of self-control.

So first, let's go over the different versions. The first one is the MAGIC HOUR and the second is the GOLDEN HOUR. I can't decide which one I like more since they both have slightly different themes and aesthetics.

They both came with a good amount of things and you know how much I love things like OMG GIMMEE.
Let's start with this version, the GOLDEN HOUR I'm assuming since it's . . . well, golden looking. I will say that right off the bat I loved the theme of this one more than the other just because who doesn't love a sunset or dusk? It's so relaxing and refreshing.

This version of the album came with these three photocards, one of which being the shape of a triangle. I'm guessing if you're able to collect all seven triangle shaped cards, they're meant to be connected since on the back, it has writing on it. There's also a faint printing of what looks to be part of the GOT7 emblem which is pretty darn cool.

Not sure if I'll ever be able to collect all seven triangle photocards but hey, it's still fun to know there's a reason to try. Anyhoo, this the end of the unboxing for the GOLDEN HOUR so let's go ahead and move onto the unboxing of the next version. If you're still reading this, THANK YOU I LOVE YOU LET'S BE BESTIES. Okay, moving on.

And here we have the MAGIC HOUR. This album's aesthetic is seriously EVERYTHING OMG. It's so pretty and calming and it makes me happy. I forgot to mention that both albums came with these cool little postcard booklets which is really satisfying to look through.

The photography for both are so pretty and magical in a sense. 

Not that I'll be sending these to anybody, I don't think I could ever bring myself to part with any of them because, you know, I'm just a TINY bit of a HUGE fan of GOT7. Just a little one, not much. Obviously.

I freaking love the theme of this version of the album. I definitely love the photography of this album more than the other even though I love both. The photography for this one is a little more contemporary with a -in-the-moment vibe to it. Sorry, I'm an art student, I notice these things and describe them with strange words. 

BUT YOU GET WHAT I MEAN, RIGHT? Yes? Okay, thank you.

This album came with these three photocards, including the triangle shaped one. I plan on using the triangle ones as bookmarks since they're just too cool looking. Hopefully, I don't end up losing them or damaging them because then I would cry. Like a lot. More than I did while reading "Allegiant" and "The Fault In Our Stars."

And now for the photocard packs! I seriously love opening these little packets, it's just so satisfying.

As always, these were double sided and I got one with both albums. Now that I have all these photo cards, I seriously need to figure out a way to use them instead of letting my stack of photocards continue to grow. And grow. And grow. 

Excuse me while I cry in shame.

Okay I'm good, let's actually see these photocards instead of making you read more of my babble that no one has time for.


     Okay, no words needed. 

And last but certainly not least, the posters as the finale. I will say that it always makes me laugh a little at how huge these posters are. I've only ever received one actual small poster . . . and it's not even a poster, more like a flyer meant to be placed in the album booklet.

One of these days I should do a haul of all of my posters, it's almost as big as my book collection, I swear.

I think this one is my favorite of the two since it's just so pleasing to look at . . . for a number of reasons and not just because of the actual scenery in the background.

I would love to hang this one on my wall should I ever get over my weirdness about posters. Cross your fingers because my posters are so sad in their little box. 

So that is it for this album unboxing! I'm sorry if this post was whoa long and if you took the time to read it all, I applaud you. I've been horrible, positively HORRIBLE at keeping up with writing posts, reading my favorite blogs and commenting on their posts so hopefully, I can get back to being active in that way. It will take some time but I'm confident I can eventually get into some sort of groove with it all. Anyhoo, thank y'all so much for reading if you did, and please leave me a comment on what your current favorite song is, whether it be a new release or a throwback track. 

Read on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

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