Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Album Unboxing #1: "Verse #2" - JJProject

Hello, everybody! I'm super excited to introduce a new "segment" to this little blog of mine that I'm personally hoping some of you enjoy: album unboxings. I love music and am very passionate about it. I love pretty much every genre of music, in any language, any artist, I just LOVE music so much! My phone has become more of a glorified MP3 player since I now have so many songs in my library, it's not even funny. 

I also love buying albums and vinyls and have found that some of them are incredibly fun to open, particularly Kpop albums. Yes, I'm still in the deep dark abyss of Kpop and am NOWHERE NEAR climbing out of it. At this point, I'm simply in too deep. Anyhoo, I often wish that more albums of different genres were as fun to open as Kpop albums since they come with much more than just the album itself. I've seen a handful of American albums come in special packages that came with merch such as shirts, postcards, stickers, etc. but not that many. For now, I'll be doing mostly Kpop album unboxings until I can find other albums that I personally think will be fun to open on this blog. I hope you all enjoy so let's get on with the fun!


If you're still here and actually interested in this album unboxing, I THANK YOU.

WARNING: Excessive fangirl may be ahead.

Anyhoo, I actually pre-ordered this lovely little album a few weeks ago, (before the album cover, song list, or any preview had been released #dedicated) and I'm so HAPPY with what I received! Apparently, there are two versions of this album, the "Tomorrow" version which is what I received and the "Today" version. Funny story is that I actually thought this was a different album I ordered so I was super extra surprised to have pulled this one out of the package. The album also came with a lot more stuff included than what I was expected and compared to other albums I've ordered in the past, it was like Christmas.

There were a couple of little fold out bits on either side of the album (which confused me for a second because like fifteen things fell out of those little fold outs) and I was shook. Anyhoo, it also came with a little photo card thing of one of the members and in the back was the actual album itself. I'm a 90's kid so having CDs out the wazoo makes me happier than a kid in a candy store. Literally not kidding.
So those fifteen things that fell out upon opening the album up and flipping through the booklet, I received a set of mini-photo cards (two packs actually but I accidentally deleted a picture of the other two) and a couple of them were double sided. I literally have a two-inch stack of these photo cards I've received from other albums in the past because I HAVE NO IDEA what to do with them. I've thought about using them as bookmarks but would that be weird? I'm all about shouting your fangirlism from the rooftops but when it comes to bands, I'm very hesitant. I don't want people thinking I'm some crazy fangirl (even though I AM  . . .) When I fangirl over books, music, etc. I go HARD.
The next thing the album came with was this really cool Photo Essay thing which is a booklet full of photography from the set of the music video for the album's single "Tomorrow, Today" which I thought was really neat since I've never received anything like that before. The photography was so beautiful and I especially loved all the scenic pictures of the country side and the nature.

There were also little captions to all the pictures (which I have no idea what they say since I don't know Korean) BUT the pictures are pretty so I'm satisfied. For now. Until it drives me crazy not knowing what the heck the captions say but thank goodness for Google Translate, right?
Last but not least, THE POSTER. I actually got two posters this time round which made me pretty darn happy. The first one is freaking HUGE as you can see as I used the photo essay booklet for size comparison.

I have a few other posters from other albums just stored safely away in a decorative box since I'm actually not a fan of hanging posters on my wall. It makes me feel a little like a creeper having people's pictures up on my wall, is that weird? I know plenty of people who hang posters up with no shame and I seriously ENVY THEM. I barely have two mini-posters hanging on my wall and one of them is only the silhouettes of the band members whereas the other has the band members facing AWAY from the camera and you can't see their faces. Am I the only one with this issue? Yes? Okay then . . .

And the last poster is much much smaller than the last though still a decent size, a little bigger than a sheet of printer-size paper. It's actually my personal favorite poster I own and I left this one tucked into the album booklet to keep safe.

Though I did take a picture of this one on my phone, just for, you know, no reason . . .

So I hope I entertained at least ONE PERSON with this little album unboxing. I hope to do more in the future but don't worry, these won't happen often as it does take a while for albums like these to make it all the way to my little house. But there will be more, so please enjoy and stay tuned! I love all genres of music and I would LOVE to know what YOUR favorite genres are. If you feel like doing so, please let me know in the comments and maybe recommend some albums to me? I would SERIOUSLY LOVE that! Okay, see you guys in the next chapter!

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