Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dollar Store Book Haul!

Hello, everybody! I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend so far. Mine has been rather sleep-deprived but whatever, that's why naps were invented. Anyhoo, I recently did a little book shopping in a bit of an unconventional store: The Dollar Store.

I've discovered that every now and then, the Dollar Store can be the greatest bookstore, other times, not so much. Most recently, however, I was able to find some pretty good books for an awesome price obviously, especially since some of the books I found were ones I've been wanting to read for forever. I actually even went back a second time to pick up a couple of other books I thought about buying on my first visit but decided not to for some odd reason. 

Anyhoo, enjoy my dollar store book haul!

So one of the first books I grabbed was The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise. I remember wanting to read this book a few years ago but when I stumbled upon it at the dollar store, I was reminded of it. I had no idea what it was about anymore but after reading the synopsis of the book, I actually still really wanted to read it as it sounded like it might be super funny and cute. No idea when I'll pick it up but I'm hoping it'll be soon.
The second book I picked up is one that I've been searching for for almost A YEAR but I could not for the life of me remember what it was called or who it was by. It was frustrating only remembering what the cover looked like and what it was about. Side Effects is about a girl with depression who starts having "musical hallucinations" as a side effect of a new medication she's been prescribed. Some moments of her life she imagines as music videos or Broadway productions. You have no idea how happy I was when I FINALLY found this one!
The next two I picked up were a little random but I'd seen them before at other bookstores and I did want to read them, though I never actually bought them. Obviously, when I saw them at the dollar store, I couldn't pass up the deal. Love and Leftovers sounded like it could be a deeper kind of contemporary while Don't Call Me Baby sounded like it could be pretty funny and awkward. I'm excited to read both of them, especially since Love and Leftovers is written in verse.
And lastly, I was able to find Afterworlds which I was SO HYPED about! I've been wanting to read this book ever since it was released but never got around to buying a copy of the book. I kept putting off buying the book after seeing it all the time in bookstores, waiting until I had "time" to read it. Then I released I never have time for reading but I somehow read every day. So, I bought it.

I also went back a couple of days later to grab two more copies of Afterworlds and Side Effects for my two best friends since one of my friends loves ANYTHING about Broadway and my other friend and I pretty much like the same sci-fi/fantasy novels and after telling them about the books, they both wanted to read one or the other. It's pretty awesome having bookish friends.

So that's about it for my little book haul! I love finding books and other things for a great price and I love a good deal. I really hope you all enjoyed this post and please stay tuned (IF YOU'RE INTERESTED) as I have a new album unboxing coming up within the next few days as well as my monthly book haul. Read on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


  1. The only one of these I knew about before was The Boyfriend App. And even though I had heard of it, it wasn't one that I had read before myself. I am wondering what you'll have thought of it when you've read it. It's always nice to have some nice new and cheap books. Great haul :D

    1. I'm excited to read it, it sounds like it's going to be cute and funny which I really hope it is. I'm so happy you enjoyed the haul!!

  2. Nice book haul. I wish we have a dollar store (or any equivalent) here in the Philippines.

    Happy reading!

    Aizel @ One Page at a Time

    1. A dollar store comes in really handy :) Thanks so much for reading!!