Thursday, March 8, 2018

Album Unboxing #7: "Dark and Wild" by BTS

Hello, again, my lovely readers! I hope you're not getting tired of all these unboxings quite yet because I'm here with another one! I'm seriously having so much fun unboxing all the things so I'm LIVING FOR IT. I'm also busy thinking of new post ideas that I just need to actually figure out when to post and how to go about writing it so hopefully some of you will find it interesting in the upcoming weeks.

Anyway, let's get started already with the unboxing before I put you all to sleep with my ramblings. I just like talking to you guys, okay? Y'all make me one happy blogger! Okay, let's dive in.


Okay, so I've been wanting this album for such a long time since it has so many of my favorite songs from BTS and I honestly don't know why it took me so long to finally buy this album. Life? Unwise choices? Forgetting how much I wanted it and was practically dying for it? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE. What's important is that I finally have it, okay?

I swear the BTS albums have THE COOLEST packaging ever! When I first got this album in the mail, I thought it was so mysterious and cool and kind of looked like something out of a spy movie, that's just me.

I honestly loved how this album opens up, it was like a little gift box; a scary, dark, suspicious looking gift box. Not to mention the album booklet is EVERYTHING. Just LOOK AT IT.

After lifting the little booklet from the inside of the box it reveals the CD and a couple of little photocards! I decided to take more than one picture of the inside of the album since the photocards were actually covering up the writing in the top right corner but I didn't want to have too few pictures for this post. Since not a lot came in this album, I took as many interesting pictures as possible, which isn't hard to do since it's a BTS album after all, it's already interesting in every aspect if you ask me.

And here are a couple of close up shots of the photcards. I was so happy when I got this adorable little group picture of the members because THEY WERE JUST BABIES, I'M CRYING!

I also got a single photocard of one of the members which I was super happy about, though I was hoping to get a photocard of one of the members that I don't yet have. I have single photocards of three or four of the members but I hope to one day have one of each member. Great goals I have in life, am I right?

And that's it for this album unboxing! I hope you guys enjoyed this shorter post and this is probably the quickest post I've ever put together in a little while so that's nice! I love putting time and effort into every single one of my posts but it's always nice for me to be able to just quickly throw together a fun post like this one in no time at all. Once again, I hope all of you enjoyed this post and please feel free to peek around my blog, I have some fun stuff!

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Alrighty, everybody, the time has come for us to part until next time. Read on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

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