Monday, March 19, 2018

What's In My Backpack!

Hello, everybody! I hope those of you in school are having a fun and exciting Spring break! It's been pretty busy for me these past few days as I've been dealing with A LOT more customers at work taking advantage of their Spring break to do a little shopping. One of these days I should write a whole post about what it's like to work in retail during holidays and school break because YOWZA, it's a doozy. ANYHOO, today I thought I'd put together a fun little post for you guys on what is in my backpack! You know, totally basic, not at all original.

And yes, you read that right, I'm doing a "what's in my BACKPACK" post. I've become addicted to carrying my backpack around because it's such a perfect size for me and holds just the right amount of stuff while providing a lot of room should I need to stuff a bunch of unnecessary crap inside. I'm not against purses, I have quite a few of them and have some new ones I really want to carry around but I just can't get over how much my backpack makes me happy. It's the kind of bag I can just literally grab and go.

So, let's get this post started shall we? I quite like seeing what other people carry in their bags and purses as I think it gives a nice insight to what kind of person you are. Is that a little emo of me? Yes? Maybe? Whatever, I'm a self-titled emo bunny. LET'S MOVE ON.


Behold, my backpack. Isn't it pretty? I obviously had to have my Hatsune Miku keychain hooked to the front. I've yet to carry a purse without it on so it's here to stay. Maybe the little bear plushie is a bit much but who cares, it's my backpack and it makes me happy on the inside.

First up, we have my wallet and checkbook. Duh. I seriously am obsessed with my wallet since once again, it's just the perfect size for me. It's also oddly such a satisfying thing to hold in my hand. The material is a soft leather and oddly enough, my phone fits perfectly in the bill holder. So if I ever get lazy and don't feel like carrying my phone AND my wallet, problem solved. Yes, I'm weird, let's move on.

I also like to carry around a little travel sketchbook should I find myself having to jot down a quick note or need to kill time my sketching something. I like to sketch with a ballpoint pen I keep in my checkbook and the little travel sketchbook is a great size for really any purse. I don't really ever reach for it if I'm out and about but I like having it with me just in case.

Of course, I have to carry a couple of makeup products since I don't like carrying an actual make-up bag with me. I've tried to carry one in the past but noticed I literally NEVER reached for it nor needed it at any point in my day. It only ever got in the way so I decided long ago not to carry it anymore. I do, however, like to carry a couple of things that I think are the most needed which is lip-gloss and lip balm. And maybe some tic-tacs that I don't actually care for but I have it just in case. 

Okay, now THIS is probably my most important item I carry next to my earbuds, which is my spearmint gum. I freaking love spearmint gum and go through packs of this every month. I usually buy the five packs so I don't really have to worry about running out. I know, it's kind of an addiction at this point but it's so good!

I also carry a little bottle of lotion with me even though, again, I don't ever reach for it but you never know, right? I also have a second stick of lipbalm I like to have with me only because it tastes like Pocky. I love Pocky. Pocky is amazing. You should have Pocky.

And then there's my keys which actually is an illusion because I literally only have one key on the thing, the rest are keychains. As you can see, I have a LOT of keychains. Plus a lanyard that holds it all. I have a weakness to cute keychains, OKAY?

Okay now onto the actual important stuff that's practical. I always have a pair of sunglasses with me in a little carrying sleeve since it often gets very bright and sunny where I live, which is a no brainer but I also have a sensitivity to light so I kind of rely on my sunglasses to help me, you know, not go blind.

And I literally NEVER leave the house without my all important earbuds. NEVER. I didn't use to carry my earbuds with me but once I started realizing how often I found myself bored without anything to at least listen to when I was out and about, I was quick to buy me a pair of earbuds with a carrying case. I keep my favorite ergonomic earbuds neatly inside the metal tin and often reach for them on a daily basis when I'm running errands or shopping and want some music to jam out to. It's beautiful.

And last but not least, I carry a book with me. I usually only ever carry a book with me if I know there's a small chance I'll be able to read it when I'm out for the day, not so much if I just plan on making a quick run to the store or something.

I like taking a book with me if I know I'll be getting a longer lunch break at work or am taking a drive somewhere that will give me a good half hour of reading time. Often me and my mom will go thrift shopping and our favorite one is about thirty minutes away so I like to read in the car on the way there.

I'm obviously reading "Ready Player One" at the moment since the movie comes in NEXT WEEK and I couldn't be more excited about it! I actually meant to read it last year but didn't get around to actually doing that so I'm currently trying to read as much and as fast as I can and so far, I'm really loving it!

So that's it for what I keep in my backpack on a regular basis. I didn't show a picture of my phone but that's a given. I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! I want to start posting more diverse posts like this that have to do more with lifestyle and such. Don't get me wrong, I love talking about books and coffee, but I also like talking about little seemingly unimportant things like all the crap I keep in my purse. It's real-life. It's random. And so is my bag. Anyhoo, read on, bookworms! See you all in the next chapter!

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