Monday, June 29, 2015

Music Matching Monday: The Last Time We Say Goodbye

For this book, it has a bit more of a depressing subject which is why I kind of saved this one for a while after reading it. This book deals a lot about suicide and a girl named Lex who has so many unanswered questions as to why her brother committed suicide and what she could've done to stop it from happening. If you read my review of this book, then you might know just how much of an impact this book had on me. I really wanted to find the perfect song for this book so after some research, I ended up finding one beautiful song that I think fits so well with this book for many reasons. One is that the song talks about playing along with life and pretending that you're fine when really, you want nothing more than peace and quiet which was exactly the case with Lex and her brother Ty. Lex had so many questions about her brother's suicide and no matter how much she tried to move on, she couldn't find closure. She needed to know what happened the day Ty took his life and what his final message to her was. She didn't think the last time she said goodbye to her brother would be just that. I hope you guys enjoy this one!
SAY GOODBYE by Katherine McPhee

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