Monday, June 8, 2015

Music Matching Monday: Red Queen

Sorry for skipping the last two Mondays! It's been post crazy lately and I've barely been able to schedule everything. Anyway, this week's bookish song pairing is for Red Queen! Almost instantly when I first heard this song, I thought of this book and Mare. Her character lives in a world that's separated by the color of their blood: Red and Silver. When Mare discovers she could be the key to blurring and breaking the social boundaries of the people, she tries to hide her newfound power in order to keep the world from changing. She has to struggle with finding who she can really trust as well as prove herself to the people around her that she's not weak enough to back away from a fight. In the process, she learns there's a lot more to herself than she knew and that change just might be what ends up serving her well. I really loved how strong Mare became as the book progressed and how things kept getting thrown at her and all she did was own up to the challenge, no matter how hard it might be. She became tired of taking hit after hit and decide that in order for her to really be free, she had to accept who she really was instead of pretending and hiding from the world.

 INVINCIBLE by Kelly Clarkson

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