Saturday, February 13, 2016


So . . . yeah, I wrote a book. As if the title of this post didn't tell you enough. Allow me to further get into the details about all of this excitingness! I can't stop thinking about how impossible it is that I actually have a book of my own creation that I now own two physical copies of that people can actually BUY! Like, what?! I'ts been a dream of mine since I was a young girl to be an author one day and I guess I technically am now. Yay for indie authors! I'm not entirely sure what to do now other than continuing to write new stories that are bouncing around in my head and tackling more books on my TBR but for now, let's just move on to the next part of this post.

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So, back in November there was this little thing called NaNoWriMo where people all over the world took to their laptops and pens to write an entire novel (50,000+ words) in thirty days. Now while that may seem like a lot (IT IS) it's actually not that bad once you get into the groove of writing every single day which teaches discipline to those writers out there who don't make a habit of writing crazy word counts every day (I write like three words a day). I've won twice and both times I was literally winging it with no concrete story-line so if I can make it out alive two years in a row then you have a pretty darn good chance of winning!

Anyhoo, after November, I took to editing my story which I have to say is a lot more fun than actually writing a story from scratch because, you know, it's already there for you. The only thing you have to do is read over everything and make a few changes to "sharpen up the edges" if you will. It took about two months before I had a semi-final draft that I was ready to print, part of that is because I've been binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix and I'm very self-critical towards anything I create . . . Anyway, within a couple of weeks I had a physical copy of my book as well as a link to share with people so they can purchase it. Yay for blood, sweat, tears and whole lot of coffee.

So let me tell you what this book is about! This book is a story that consists of three of my all-time favorite things: Photography, coffee, and Frank Sinatra. There you go. Doesn't it sound like a bestseller?
Just kidding! But seriously, I love all of those things so much that I decided to write a story based around them. In the books I read, I find that there aren't a lot of weird or peculiar characters. By that I mean it's hard to find unique characters such as Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door or even The Baudelaire Orphans from A Series Of Unfortunate Events. 

I LOVE unique characters like that because it's just so cool to see them go about their everyday lives, acting like their personalities are completely normal to everyone around them. I wanted to add some of that into my book as well so . . . I did! (the synopsis is down below).

Evie Montez is a young photographer with an eye for the world around her. But with her sister Nora's wedding only a few weeks away with lots of planning still left to do and many other things to deal with like school and work, things start to take unexpected turns. Throw in a really cute guy who looks like he just stepped out of the 1920's and things can't get any more strange. Evie is used to keeping her feelings hidden but as she goes through twists and turns and many ups and downs, she realizes that some of the best moments are those that leave you more confused than ever.

Even though she's helping Nora plan for the future, Evie can't seem to shake things from her past that continue to haunt her. She's forced to come face to face with her secrets and pain when she starts to discover that second chances don't always come in normal packages. Like a photograph, the past never fades. But like the future, there's always something new.

So that's pretty much all there is to it! Really long post but whatever. Click the linkedy link below if you want to check out my book!

And if you want to read some of what I've written in the past for FREE, click this link:

So I hope you all enjoyed this post! Read on bookworms! See you guys in the next chapter!

Seven hours of essay writing later. .. Essay writing: I may have written 7 pages, but it is 7 pages of absolute garbage.


  1. Wow, congrats Anissa! I'm really happy for you ^^ And really impressed too! Your book sounds awesome by the way. Good luck for your next writing projects. Did I say congrats already?? :D

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I really appreciate the support! I'm actually looking for people to review the book, would you be interested?

    2. Congrats on writing it and getting it all edited and finished! Now for the hardest part - getting the word out about it! I am looking forward to reading it when I have the chance :D