Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Book Haul & Wrap-Up!

Hello, everybody! Today, it's my favorite time of the month. When I get to share with all of you lovely people the books I acquired one way or another throughout the month. YAY QUE PARADE AND CONFETTI.

Now, this month I've been quite busy so I haven't had much time to read or even look around for review copies. TIME MANAGEMENT. Sometimes adulting is just too hard. Because I've been busy with life, I decided to take it easy with the book buying since I wasn't going to have time to read them anyway. I'm actually quite proud of myself for not having purchased many books this month, thank you very much. 

Next month probably won't be the same story but for now, I'm feeling good. Well, not really since I'm currently fighting a cold but YOU GET MY POINT. Here are all the books I read, bought and recieved this month! Followed by all the CDs and music I purchased as well because I have a music buying problem too. What is my life?




By Your Side by Kasie West -Barnes and Noble- $9.00
We Can Be Mended (Divergent #3.5) by Veronica Roth -Free With "Carve The Mark" Pre-Order




Image result for you never walk alone bts album

LOTTO by EXO (The 3rd Album Repackaged) -Google Play- $5.57
You Never Walk Alone by BTS (Left Side) -Amazon- $31.99 (Included photocards, poster, and more)
Know-It-All by Alessia Cara (Deluxe Edition) -Thrift Shop- Gift from a friend
Flight Log: Departure by GOT7 -Amazon- $19.90 (Included photocards, stickers, poster, and more)


So that's it! My haul this month is so small and cute, I LOVE IT. Have a good month everybody! Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


  1. I love how your not having time to read amount is my usual monthly amount when I am being good :D I also have been listening to Alessia Cara's music a lot lately so yay for her CD! Hope that cold goes away completely.

    1. Lol well,I hope you have many good reading months! It makes me so sad that I haven't had time to read really anything lately. And yes!! I love her voice so much and her version of "How Far I'll Go" is what made me a fan of hers!