Monday, August 31, 2015

Music Matching Monday: The One

It's no secret that America Singer isn't exactly the most loved character in YA literature today so this week, we're giving poor Prince Maxon some love! I think the song I've chosen for this book is rather different than the mood of this book but these are my personal picks for books anyway. I really loved the relationship that America and Maxon had throughout the series and how understanding and patient he was with her even though she didn't have a clear head at all in the second book, The Elite. He really did deal with her problems and moods and her bad days and they still loved each other for who they were. Talk about relationship goals! Anyhoo, here's the song I chose for this book so I hope y'all enjoy! I think some of these lyrics TOTALLY go with this book! Just saying!

LOSE CONTROL by Timbaland ft. JoJo

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