Saturday, August 6, 2016

COVER REVEAL: Redemption's Price: The Chronicles Of Maladore by Angie Smuin & David Smuin

Hello, everyone! Today, I have a very exciting post for anyone who might be interested in this book. Hopefully, this book peaks your interest since it sounds like something that could be a really interesting read. Anyhoo, special thanks to Sage's Blog Tours for this awesome opportunity! 

I've never been a part of a cover reveal before so forgive my nervousness even though I simply just have to type a bunch of words but I feel as if my nervousness is communicating through the text which is probably just weird but hey, I'm weird. So, allow me to finally get to the point of this post which is, of course, the actual cover reveal! I hope you guys enjoy today's short little post and I promise to have some fun posts coming in the next few weeks. Here are all the details for this book, titled Redemption's Price: The Chronicles of Maladore by Angie Smuin and David Smuin. Enjoy!


Genre: Christian historical fiction, Christian suspense

What happens to Saphire? 
Is Carnoff dead or alive? 
Will they find Lord Colton? 
Overthrowing Carnoff’s castle was only the beginning of the challenges for Lady Mariah and Lord Stone. They must now deal with the devastating effects of forced marriages, corruption and the destruction brought on by war. 
Lady Mariah and Lord Stone’s love is not enough to bring peace to the lands that have been ravaged by war. Redemption’s price may cost them everything. 
Extending trust is difficult when people are divided and loyalties are challenged. Mariah and Stone will learn that not every heart corrupted by evil can be restored. 

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  1. I think the cover matches the synopsis pretty well! Love that dress, too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree! I love it when a cover really goes along with the story of the book ;D