Friday, December 16, 2016

Announcement: I'm A Co-Blogger!

Hello, everybody! Today, I have a very special announcement to let you all know about and I'm seriously SO EXCITED to tell you guys what I've been gearing up for behind the scenes of this little blog of mine!

As you've probably gathered from the title, I am now a co-blogger! This blog is still my little baby and I plan on posting many more things in the future to keep you all entertained (hopefully) but I've recently been invited to co-blog over at Of Wonderland which I'm so happy about because I've been following that blog for a few months now and I still can't believe I'm co-blogging there now!

In case you guys aren't familiar with this blog, it's run by Inge and Aly where they post some really fun bookish posts about their favorite series', books, rants, discussions, and all kinds of fun stuff. I really encourage you all to head over and check it out if you're curious because it's all really very fun. 

I've already made a blogger introduction post that just went up on the site which you can check out here and I REALLY hope you all enjoy getting to know a little more about me on there as well. Plus, there's a face reveal so yay! Please note that the picture is a little inaccurate as I now have short purple hair and different glasses. Still black-rimmed but a different pair nonetheless but you get the idea! 

I won't officially start blogging on OF WONDERLAND until January which gives me plenty of time to come up with some fun blog post ideas. The first post goes up sometime in the first week of January so be sure to follow the blog to stay in the loop of things! I'll be posting once a week over yonder and maybe twice a week every now and then. I've been chatting with Inge, Aly, and Ella who is also the new co-blogger so be sure to give her some love and we've been having too much fun getting everything in motion.

As a fun little fact, we're also buddy reading Harry Potter this month which has made me so giddy because it's my first time ever reading the Harry Potter books and I'm experiencing the magic for the first time ever. Not going to lie. I feel very giddy about it all! 

So, I believe that is everything I have to let you guys know about! I'll still be blogging on here, of course. That much has not changed! I have an entire list of things that will be posted within the next few weeks such as more book reviews, more giveaways, and some fun little bookish posts I've been meaning to write for a little while now.

I'm really excited about co-blogging and I hope you guys come and join me on OF WONDERLAND where fun things always happen. Read on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


  1. You'll be doing double as much blogging! I hope it goes well and that you'll be able to enjoy your time over on Of Wonderland and also running things here. Go for it girl x

    1. Aww thanks so much!! I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to start sharing some fun over there!