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Time For Changes: Life Updates, Blog Redesign, New Content + More!

Hello. everybody! I hope every one of you is having a beautiful day so far! I know I'm having a grand time watching the Winter Olympics this year as it has pretty much consumed every moment of my evenings and I'm not even mad. It's so fun and entertaining and I can't wait to see more of the sports and programs up ahead. I've yet to miss a single moment of the Olympics so it's safe to say I'm a tiny bit obsessed.

ANYHOO, I thought today would be a nice day to talk about some changes that I've decided on to make for this blog. I'll try not to make this post too long but there a few things I want to quickly talk to you guys about so let's just go ahead and jump right in, shall we?


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First, let's go over all that has happened over the past four months that I've been away from my blog. Wow, where to start. Surprisingly, quite a lot happened though it feels like everything has just blurred together to create one big mess of a memory. I guess the first big life update is that I recently started a new job back in late November after leaving my first job of one year. It seems I had no chill after leaving my first job since I started my new one literally a week later. Did NOT mean to do that lol XD

But you should all be happy to know that everything is going great so far at my new job. I'm totally enjoying it a lot more than I did my first job so that's a great sign! I also recently got my second promotion at my second job which was quite nice. It's not a huge deal to be honest but I'm still happy I've moved up a little bit. Another small update that I have is the incredibly obvious one, I got a new laptop.

The model I have now is actually doubling as two devices that I've been wanting and dreaming of having for a while now. Not only having a newer model laptop but also a drawing tablet for graphic illustrations. The model laptop I have has a 360 degree screen, meaning I can open my laptop and flip the screen and practically fold my computer in half to create a tablet. I already have a couple of different graphic illustrator applications and programs downloaded onto my laptop so all that's left is purchasing a stylus to make drawing and painting on my device a lot easier.

I've actually decided to focus on practicing graphic illustration for a while as I think it might be what I want to study in college but I'm still unsure. Hopefully I can get in some good practice over the next few months and maybe I'll share some of what I draw on my blog. I guess time will tell :)

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I have a whole list I've been working on for the past couple of weeks, so get comfortable. One of the first major changes I'll be making to this blog is the design of it. I used to be totally in love with my blue and white theme but then I thought it was time to change it. So, I DID! I hope you guys are loving the new pink, white and blue I have going on for this new theme. I think it's good for me to change the theme every now and then, especially since it's a new year, new laptop, new me, new blog. Yeah, that sounds nice and it makes me happy inside.

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I also want to establish a blogging schedule for myself SO I decided that I will be posting something new every MONDAY. Sound good? I'll obviously try to post more often than just the one day but I think I'll be able to for sure keep up with posting once a week at the very least. Any bonus posts that I decide to upload will go up on Thursdays.


OKAAAAAYYYYY. So. This is something that I've been kind of beating around the bush about even before the new year. I know I kept saying in past blog posts that I was going to make some changes with content and include more of the things that interest me other than books. I still love books, don't get me wrong. I will always love books and everything about reading and writing. I still get all fluffy inside when I think about what book I should read next. However, I never REALLY added any new content besides album unboxings. Even doing that was a huge step for me and a bit nerve-wracking. I thought "What if no one reads it? What if no one likes it? What if it doesn't interest anyone? What if even my fellow blogger friends hate it?" Because you know what the scariest part of being a book blogger is? BRANCHING OUT.

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Over the past few months, I've gotten interested in a few different things that I would talk about more on my blog. It's definitely scary and worrisome to want to talk about things OTHER than what your blog is dedicated to. However, I also don't want to be one of those people who does the same thing that every other book blogger does. It's great if they enjoy doing that, some of my favorite blogs literally only talk about books and nothing else and I love it. But for me personally, I just feel like doing something different to make my blog stand out a little. 

For instance I am such a HUGE fan of Latin pop and Kpop. They are two genres that I have become obsessed with in the last year and I love finding other people who listen to those genres too. I'm always running into people who listen to my favorite Kpop and Latin artists and it's always fun fangirling with perfect strangers about your favorite international artists. I kept trying to convince myself to make playlists of my favorite Kpop or Latin pop songs at the moment, or just simply sharing a song for the day. But I was just too nervous about it because I was so scared of no one liking it, especially since my blog is called "The BOOKWORM Central".

So, to try introducing this new subject to my blog, I uploaded my first Kpop album unboxing. And held my breathe.

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Me clicking "Publish" for my Kpop album unboxing post lol


I took these past four months to consider what I wanted for my blog overall. And I decided that I was unhappy with how I was going about my blog, not posting for weeks at a time because I didn't feel like it or just simply not being interested in what I was blogging about and ending up deleting a post that I had worked hours on putting together. I noticed, however, the posts I enjoyed writing the most were my unboxings. I wondered what it was about them that made them so enjoyable to write even though they took twice as long to write and layout versus my book reviews and other bookish posts. 

It took me forever to realize that the reason why I liked my unboxings the most was because they involved me talking about something I was one hundred percent interested in and passionate about. My interest in Kpop, Latin pop, and Kdramas makes me excited to watch them or listen to them and I LOVE talking about it with other people I know that are interested in the same things. Having realized this, I thought "Why am I scared to post this stuff that I'm interested in? If I'm interested in it, then someone else is too, right?" 

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Maybe I was just nervous about letting down my current readers that aren't interested in those things. However, I'm human and I'm allowed to have other interests and so is every other blogger out there. I think that's what makes blogging so fun, is that it's a platform where you can be you! Other people are interested in what you have to post because, crazy reality check, people read your blogs FOR A REASON. Book lovers are going to read your book blog because they WANT TO. Bakers and cooks are going to read your recipes you post because they WANT TO. Artists and beginner sketchers and painters are going to read your posts on paints and papers and your favorite mediums because they WANT TO. You're never going to write posts for people who aren't interested because there is ALWAYS someone out there who will find your post entertaining and wanting to see more! So, okay, maybe you lose a few followers once you start posting something new and different. BUT, what about those few NEW readers that you didn't have before that found your blog BECAUSE of your different posts and they fall in love with your content?

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AND THAT, my beautiful folks, is how I decided that from this day on, I will be posting more about Kpop, Latin pop, my favorite Kdramas, ALONG with posts about what I'm currently reading and favorite books of the month and so on and so on. Because why hold back and NOT talk about what interests me these days? I talk to my friends ALL THE TIME about my favorite things at the moment and even though they aren't into the same things I am, they still listen to me talk about it because THEY WANT TO. They know that it's something I love and am passionate about and they never act like they're bored or tired of me talking about some groups they've never heard of and play them songs in a language they don't know a lick of. If anything, they request Kpop and Latin pop songs to play in our car rides because they think it's funky and fun.

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So, yes, please expect more posts about the things listed above and PLEASE don't hate me! I'm just ready to branch out and completely open up to making my blog more diverse and unique. Hopefully, I can entertain some of you as I try to figure this blog out all over again. This is going to be fun. 

Read on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

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