Friday, January 1, 2016

December Book Haul 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! So since I didn't buy many books this month due to me trying to save money for gift shopping- I know six people who all have birthdays in the same week of December- and not many book releases that I was excited for in the past two months, I decided to do a collective post on books and bookish things I either bought or received as gifts. So, before I can ramble on like I always do, here is my little haul for you guys!


Library Of Souls by Ransom Riggs- Birthday Gift- Barnes & Noble
Slated by Teri Terry- Birthday Gift
Classic Tales of Horror- Birthday Gift

Isn't my book haul for the month just adorable? ;)


Les Miserables Original Broadway Cast Recording- Thrift Shop- $1 (gift for a friend)
School Of Rock Original Broadway Cast Recording- Amazon- $7 (gift for a friend)
Star Wars Original Motion Picture Soundtrack- Wal-Mart- $12
25 by Adele- Wal-Mart- $14
The High Road by JoJo- Amazon- $3
JoJo by JoJo- Amazon- $4

So as you can clearly see, I own two copies of The High Road because of two reasons: (1) when I received the CD, the wrong album was in the case, the CD inside was the first album and (2) I was sent a replacement copy by the seller which was really nice of them! So, I own two copies of both albums even though I only have one copy of The High Road . . . yeah it's weird. MOVING ON.

I also received the Paper Towns movie from my brother for my birthday and recently bought The Scorch Trails movie from Wal-Mart just the other day . . . which leads me to my second story.

So I bought two CD's, a candy bar and The Scorch Trails from Wal-Mart all together, when I got home from the store a few hours later, I was checking the receipt so I could write the amount down in my ledger. I noticed that the receipt said I had purchased three items and showed the amounts for each item. Upon further inspection, it turns out that I wasn't charged for the movie which pretty much made me like "WHAT?!" It also doesn't make any sense since I saw the cashier scan the movie and the amount showed up on the screen as $19.98. I felt pretty guilty about it since, you know, I like to pay for the things I want. 

SO, that's my weird book/CD haul for you guys. I had a couple of pretty strange purchases happen this month which I hope don't end up happening again. 

Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter! (check your receipts!)



  1. Well those were some rather weird shopping happenings XD You did get pretty cool books though. I haven't watched Papertowns yet but I did already buy the movie. I'm thinking I might read the book first.

    1. Lol, right? I really loved the book and the adaptation is such a good one! I hope you end up loving it!

  2. It seems like it was CDs for the win in this haul, which is perfectly okay! I love soundtracks to movies a lot, so I can understand why you wanted these ones. I haven't heard of those three books but I hope you can enjoy them a lot ^.^

    1. Lol you're so right! My addiction to books is as bad as my addiction to CD's :D Soundtracks are the best and of course I have my favorites! Have an awesome 2016!