Sunday, January 17, 2016

Top 10 Favorite Songs! (At The Moment)

So if you've been following my blog or Instagram, you probably already know that my obsession with music and CD's is just as bad as my obsession with books. Maybe even a little more crazy than that. I absolutely love listening to music day and night and I'm not even kidding when I say I ALWAYS have my headphones on. Like right now as I'm writing this post, I'm currently listening to one of my favorite songs at the moment that I'll tell you guys about in this post. Anyhoo, yes, I love music and headphones and my collection of both just keeps on growing. I currently own over 70 CD's and I listen to all of them. It's pretty bad. 

Now that we're through with the rambling, let's get into my current top 10 favorite songs! I hope you guys enjoy my little playlist and maybe even find a new favorite. Let me know in the comments which track is your favorite or what other song is your favorite to listen to, I'm always looking for new ones to add to my never ending playlist! This list goes in no particular order by the way.

1. Underwater by Nikki Flores

2. Save My Soul by JoJo

3. Dancing In The Dark by Rihanna (from 'Home')

4. Late To The Party by Kacey Musgraves

5. Stand By You by Rachel Platten

6. Safe With Me by JoJo

7. Let It Slide by Nikki Flores

8. Little Girl Don't Grow Up Too Fast by Carrie Underwood

9. Sticks and Stones by Fugitive ft. Nikki Flores

10. Misbehavin' by Pentatonix

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