Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mini Q&A! The How's, What's and How Many's!

Hello my beautiful bookish friends! Today I have a fun little post for you guys that I hope y'all will enjoy and not fall asleep during. Anyhoo, I took to Instagram and asked you guys to give me some questions to answer since I actually get asked quite a few things that I'll be including in the FAQ portion of this post. I got a few questions from some awesome bookstagramers and I'm excited to answer them! Here we go!

Olivia (@oliviascatastrophe) : If you had to get rid of all your books except one, which would you keep? 

Answer: One of the hardest questions I think I've ever been asked, like seriously! I had to think so long and hard about this one and I still haven't actually made up my mind completely. BUT, I did end up finally making my decision and it's actually not that surprising if you know me by now. I would have to say that the one book I would keep is my signed collector's edition of Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Did I mention it was SIGNED? 

I actually have a bigger collection of collector's editions of books and a few books that are signed by the authors so that's why I haven't completely made up my mind on this one. Bare with me for now. What's your favorite book in the color blue?

Answer: My favorite color is blue and it actually surprised me when I realized how many books I own that are the color blue. I guess I'm just drawn to anything blue at an obsessive level. Anyhoo, even though I love every single one of my books, blue or not, I  have to say that my favorite blue book is Hello, I Love You by Katie M. Stout. I just love it (pun intended). 

Amanda (@letthereadingbegin_): What color is the most owned among your books?

Answer: So just like the last question stated, I own way too much blue in general. That includes about 50 books with blue covers, spines, and naked covers. I think I have a problem with this color. 

AND NOW FOR THE FAQ!! This next portion is a little collection of questions I get asked more often than not and since there have been too many people who have asked me these questions to link you guys to, just know that they're awesome and so very cool.

Cover art
Q: What apps do you use to edit your bookstagram pictures?

A: I literally only use two apps when it comes to editing my pictures and they're not that amazing and completely free to download on Google Play and the App Store. The first one I use is called VSCO Cam and is already a pretty popular app among Instagrammers. With this app, I crop and brighten my pictures because it does it so perfectly without making it look too photo-shopped. I don't use even a percentage of what it has to offer but I still really enjoy using it. Especially since I can load my picture onto the app and see how it looks with the rest of my feed before posting it to make sure it goes with my theme. Yay!

Cover art
The second one I use is my absolute favorite and it's called Pixlr. I use this one the most because of all the really awesome fonts, filters, settings, adjustments and more and I honestly can't talk about it enough. It's my little photo editing baby. I'm very picky with the apps I use for editing so I'm a little surprised these two made the cut. I also never use filters on my pictures and when I do, I only use the brightening and tinting filters to get rid of any weird yellow lighting and graininess.  

Q: How do you make your collages/Wattpad covers?

A: For this one, I once again break out Pixlr when it comes to my Wattpad covers but I also use apps like Font Candy for the fonts, Fotor for the perfect size crop and PicMonkey for my collages, which is actually a website but roll with me here. The rest is just creativity. I love playing around with different settings and fonts, styles and stickers and I can literally sit for hours working on them. It's just so much fun! Font Candy is my favorite to play with because not only can you adjust the size of the words but you can also adjust the spacing of the letters and it's just so cool.

So that's it for this little Q&A! I really hope you guys enjoyed it and please ask me anything in the comments below and I'll answer them in a future Q&A. Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!

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