Friday, July 8, 2016

Book Talk #8: Best Things About Being A Bookworm!

Hello, everybody! Today I'd thought I'd share a little positivity in light of recent events and compile a list of things that are awesome when it comes to being a bookworm. Since there are so much more awesome things about being addicted to books than just being that, how about all the little things that can sometimes get overlooked? Like the big comfy chair that's perfect for reading in? Or all the awesome bookmarks that you can collect without being judged because they're all so cool? Those are just examples so let's continue on with even more reasons, shall we?

1. Lots of tea or coffee!

I love this one because it gives me the perfect excuse to get a third cup of coffee for the day. Who would expect you to read without something nice and warm to drink? That's just craziness! It also helps you out with getting your daily exercise to remain healthy, stretching out those legs of yours from being curled up with a good book. Keeping healthy, one cup of deliciousness at a time! 

2. Constant entertainment!

Who ever heard of a bored reader? When it comes to reading or deciding what to read next, you always have something to keep you busy and entertained. Bored in your house? Pick out a book from your TBR and finally get down to reading it. Bored in a car ride? Pull out your mobile device and continue what you were reading. As long as you have a book with you everywhere you go, you'll pretty much never get bored. Just remember to maybe have a backup read in case you finish one and you're left waiting for something for two hours . . .

3. Shopping made easy!

Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch. BUT, if you know what book you're looking for or you want to go to the bookstore to just look around and see what's up with all the new releases, shopping can be a breeze. Find a dust jacket you like? No need to try it on, just take it up to counter and buy it! Find a book but it might be too heavy to carry around? Opt for the paperback binding if available. The only battle you'll need to fight is deciding which books you want more but other than that, you're stress-free. Especially when ordering online and the books come to you instead. 

4. Rewind the clock!

I don't know about you, but I seriously LOVE rereading an old favorite of mine and visiting the characters, the world, and falling in love with the book all over again! It's like visiting an old friend or a place that you haven't been to in a while and sometimes you even learn something new the second or third or fiftieth time you read your favorite book. And they say time travel isn't a real thing. In a world of fiction, anything is possible. 

5. Discover something new!

I think my ultimate favorite thing about reading is that there is literally ALWAYS something new to read! With all the authors out there in the world creating their own stories, characters, and little worlds for you to discover, it's pretty magical when there are new releases every day and there seem to be more books around you than you can read in a lifetime. It's a little overwhelming but at the same time, pretty exciting to know there's something new to discover every single day. 

So, what is your favorite thing about being a bookworm? Let me know in the comments because I know for sure there are a ton of awesome things when it comes to being a bookworm. Speaking of which, read on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


  1. Reading your post first thing in the morning was the best way to start the day ^^ These are all so relatable. Yes to cups of tea anytime! And I totally get the ‘backup read’ thing! If I don’t have a book in my bag, it’s because I’ve got some on my phone XD. I agree with the shopping made easy thing. I usually already know what book I want to buy so my trips to the bookshop are usually pretty relaxed. Definitely not like shopping for clothes for which I have little to no patience XD. Your description of re-reading is perfect. I haven’t been able to read some old favorites in a while but knowing that I can return to those story worlds anytime is a great feeling! And OMG, you’re entirely right about there always being something new to read. Each time I manage to get a decent junk of my TBR down, bam! Enter the new releases with their shiny covers and cool plots :D Great post Anissa ^^

    1. Aww you're too sweet! I'm so happy you enjoyed this post! I'm also really happy that you agree with all the points of awesomeness that is a part of being a bookworm. I totally agree about the TBR thing, it seems when I finally put a dent in it it's like there just magically appears like a hundred other books that I want and need to read :D I also keep PLENTY of books on my phone, sometimes I'll buy like ten books on my phone just to have them there in case I don't have a physical book with me when I'm out and about! Totally a life saver!

  2. I love this! I personally have to agree that im never bored when I'm ready to read. Sometimes I'm in slight slumps where I just don't know where to go, but I feel like that's just part of being a reader. I do have to say that I'm never bored, as long as my books goes with me where I go!

    1. Right? With all those books on you shelf and so many genres to choose from there's no way to be bored unless you just don't feel like reading that day ;D

  3. There's a lot of good sides to reading. Too many to list - but you did list quite a few of the positives here! It really does make shopping for us easy, and I love that we can never truly get bored as long as there is an interesting enough book around. Love this <3

    1. Oh I know, I had to limit the amount of things to the bare minimal so as not to make too long of a post! I like shopping but books is way more relaxing to shop for and a little more fun. With all that book buying and reading new books that come out of nowhere, it's nearly impossible to be bored ;D I'm so happy you enjoyed this one!