Saturday, July 30, 2016

July Book Haul!

Hello, everyone! Today, I'm here with my July book haul! I've decided to split up my wrap-up and book haul for this month into two separate posts since I acquired more books than I actually read this month. Yay! Be sure to check back tomorrow if you're interested in seeing all the books I read in the month of July and I'll also be sharing my tiny little TBR for the month of August. 

First, we'll start off with all of the books I bought for myself, beginning with physical copies. I bought I lot more ebooks than I usually do but this month there were so many great sales on Google Books that I just couldn't handle myself. So, anyhoo, here are all the books!

Physical Books:

Who Could That Be At This Hour? by Lemony Snicket (ATWQ #1)- Library- $1
Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson (KOD #1)- Library- $1
The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness (Chaos Walking #2)- Half Price Books- $1
Symptoms of My Insanity by Mindy Raf -Dollar Store- $1
Catacomb by Madeliene Roux (Asylum #3)- Wal-Mart- $8
A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall- Amazon- $4
Isla and The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins (AATFK #3)- Amazon- $4

And now for all of the ebooks I bought! I'm sorry, the sales were just too good to pass up on. I mean, seriously!


Always Running by Luis J. Rodriguez- Google Books- $2.99
Reawakened by Colleen Houck (Reawakened #1)- Google Books- $1.99
13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson (13 LBE #1)- Google Books- $1.99
The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings (The Murder Complex #1) - Google Books- $1.99
A Night in with Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday (Libby Lomax #1) -Google Books- $1.99
Map To The Stars by Jen Malone- Google Books- $1.99


And now for the books I was sent for review! I was sent these books for free in exchange for an honest review so be on the lookout for the reviews for these if any of them look interesting! There will be giveaways for some of these soon!

Review Copies:

Tenderfoot by Abby Drinen -Review Coming August 29!
Red: The Untold Story by Angela M. Hudson- Review Coming August 31!
Dispocalypse by Michael A. Rothman- Review Coming August 15!
The Dragon Sphere by Abel Gallardo- Review Coming August 12!

And finally, for all the music I bought this month! As of writing this post, I'm currently listening to an album I bought an hour ago, Whoops. Again, the sales! Thank you, Google Books and Music! You seriously contribute to my losing money on books and music, my two weaknesses. I swear I'm working on holding back every now and then. It's a process. Anyway, enjoy!

Physical CD's:

Thank You by Meghan Trainor (Deluxe Edition) -Wal-Mart- $15
Off The Wall by Michael Jackson- Wal-Mart- $5


Thank You by Meghan Trainor (Deluxe Edition) -Half Price Books- $17
Title by Meghan Trainor -Antique Mall- $15
John Wick Motion Picture Soundtrack- Antique Mall- $20 (my brother bought it)
Pal Joey Sountrack- Thrift Store- $2

Digital Albums:
Michael Jackson Number Ones by Michael Jackson- Google Music- $5.83 (this is the one I'm currently listening to)

Whew. That was a lot of typing and uploading of pictures. Anyhoo, I hope you all enjoyed my way too big book and music haul for this month. What books did you buy this month? If you have a monthly book haul post, please leave a link below because I would love to check it out! Read on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


  1. So many awesome books! I just finished reading the prequel novella for The Murder Complex and thought it was pretty good so I'm looking forward to reading the actual novel. I need to read something by Patrick Ness soon too. Enjoy these!

    1. I really want to read The Murder Complex so I need to hurry up and do that! The Knife Of Never Letting Go was my first Patrick Ness book but I still feel like I should read more. He's pretty popular after all XD

  2. So many lovely new things! Yay for having Isla - I can't wait for you to read it. I also have 13 Little Blue Envelopes and I have had it for AGES, but just have never gotten around to it yet *the shame is real* Hope you enjoy reading and listening to all of these!

    1. I know, I'm so excited to read Isla! I've been meaning to buy a copy for years and I finally did! I read 13 Little Blue Envelopes a few years ago and even though I loved it, I never read the sequel. Hopefully I can reread it soon and still end up loving. I hope you get to pick it up soon as well! From what I remember it was a lot of fun to read!